About me

Welcome to Blush & Noise, I’m Abigail! A 23 year old from Liverpool working in Marketing and attempting to make the most out of my life whilst sharing anything and everything along the way. 

Over the past 6 years, this has been my little space on the internet to express myself and share my thoughts, feeling and opinions on everything from Style and Interiors to Mental Health. This is a friendly space for those with similar minds (or dress sense) to connect and share their thoughts. 

In my spare time you’ll find me attempting to keep all of my house plants alive and recording my podcast ‘The Joy Of Winging’ it with my pal, Sophie. I like to keep myself as busy and as creative as possible, so I don’t really stop if I’m being honest. 

Stick around for a while, won’t you? 

Fashion is about according to what’s fashionable. Style is more abut being yourself.