A Good, Old Fashioned Monthly Favourites!

Who remembers the days of Monthly Favourites blog posts & YT videos? Honestly, they where my favourite times in the world of blogging. It was easier back then and monthly favourites are such a great way to discover new products that are worth the hype and have actually been tried & tested. They also allow us to find new things that we wouldn’t have stumbled across otherwise. So, in the spirit of the 2012 blogging world, here’s my May 2020 favourites (WHY did that feel so strange to write?) 

Beauty Favourites

Lottie London Freckle Tint
I’ve not been wearing makeup that much whilst in isolation, however, when I have, I’ve really been loving a more natural look that just highlight my features, but still make me feel/look good. I have VERY faint freckles that come out during the Summer when I’m spending time outside, however due to the fact my only time outside is on my daily run, that hasn’t really happened for me this year. So, I’ve been using the Lottie London Freckle Tint and it is SO good! It’s so easy to get natural looking freckles in seconds. All I do it dot the product onto my nose & cheeks in random places, pressing ever-so lightly on my skin and then pat the product in to blend with my finger or with a beauty blender. The product is such a bargain and is cruelty free!

Trinny London BFF Cream
On the subject of natural makeup, this product along with a dab or two (or three) of concealer is the perfect everyday base. It has SPF 30 and just helps make my complexion a little brighter and even. It doesn’t have any coverage in all honesty, but I love the dewy look it has without being greasy, plus it’s protecting my skin. The majority of face creams that have SPF can tend to break me out as they’re usually heavily scented, however, this one has a scent to it, but is so gentle on the skin. I’ve been trying out a lot of face SPF over the past few weeks, so stay tuned for a blog post on that too!

Fashion favourites

Mango Denim Shorts
When I shared these Denim shorts on my instagram stories a few weeks ago, I had a complete overhaul of messages saying that they also wanted the shorts or had purchased them. If you’ve got some junk in the trunk or have trouble with denim shorts being to short and having the dreaded chub rub, these are the shorts for you! I can pull them up over my hips without having to pray to the denim short Gods, they’re nice and lose on the legs, however, perfectly fitted and flattering on the waist. When I say, Best, Shorts, Ever. my goodness do I mean it!

Fleetwood Mac Oversized Tee
Raise your hand if you’ve been living in baggy band t-shirts during lock down *raises hand*. They’re just so convenient and since I’ve not worn a bra in about 2 months, they’re just the icing on the cake when it comes to the ultimate at home comfort. When I saw this Fleetwood Mac Tee on Asos, I knew it had to be mine. I’ve been on the hunt for an authentic Fleetwood Mac tee from the 70’s but my searches haven’t been successful yet. There’s a load of ‘dupes’ on depop but they’re generally over priced or poor quality. However, what caught my eye about this Asos tee is that it has some colour added into it, whereas the usual Rumours t-shirts are just like the album where it’s black & cream. So I thought this was a nice touch and it’s certainly filled my Stevie Nicks void for the time being

Lifestyle Favourites

Urbanears Headphones
One of my 2020 goals was to get fit and actually enjoy working out. I started of the year doing multiple personal training sessions, however, due to the current situation with Covid-19, I can’t go to the gym. So, i’ve taken on running. I started the couch to 5k back in 2019, but when Winter came around, I stopped running completely. But now I’m well into the programme and honestly look forward to my runs (which I never thought would happen!) As I know I’m running 3 times a week, I thought I’d treat myself to some wireless headphones as I’ve been running with the wired iphone headphones for the past few months and the amount of times they’ve fallen out my ears mid-run is ridiculous. These headphones have changed my life. I’ve been using them when pottering around the house, listening to a podcast or my playlists. Honestly I feel like an old woman who’s just discovered Facebook, I’m mind-blown by wireless headphones, plus they’re pink….

Animal Crossing (but what did you expect?)
If i’m not working, I’m probably playing Animal Crossing, that’s the truth. Honestly, Animal Crossing came out on the Nintendo Switch at the right time. It’s been an absolute godsent. I’ve been an animal crossing fan since Wild World on the DS and I’ve purchased every AC game since (even Happy Home Designer) so I was already excited for the release of New Horizons, which for some, may seem lame, but honestly. it’s the CUTEST and most relaxing game you’ll ever come across!

What have you been loving recently? 

Stay Groovy x 


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  1. June 2, 2020 / 9:37 AM

    Monthly favourites were also the kind of articles I loved few years back. Sadly they became rare on blogs. I will have a look at these wireless earphones as this is the best thing to have at the gym ! Xx



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