Small & Simple Ways To Start Living More Sustainably

By no means am I perfect when it comes to living sustainably. However, I try my goddam best to adapt my lifestyle to being more friendly to the wonderful world we live in. The phrase ‘Sustainable Living’ has been plastered everywhere we look for the past year or so and in ways, that’s amazing, but in someways, it can be very overwhelming. Changing your lifestyle and habits. isn’t as easy as clicking your fingers or simply deciding its going to change, its a whole process and although I’m by NO means perfect when it comes to how I live my life, I wanted to share some simple ways that I’ve got the ball rolling when it comes to attempting to live life that has the universe in mind.


Reuse glass jars & plastic containers 

We always need more storage, whether that be having somewhere to put the leftovers, or somewhere to organise the bits and bobs that we accumulate. One of the simplest things to do (and something that will cost you no extra money) is to reuse any glass jars or plastic containers you acquire. I use glass jars from sauces or spreads as mugs for ice coffee (after a deep clean of course) and I also use old jam jars for when I make my own homemade jams (this is a new hobby I have for soft fruits). But, once in a while, when we get a Chinese takeout, our meal comes in a plastic container, obviously this is not ideal and luckily, we don’t get a takeaway too often that we have a collection of unwanted containers, however any containers that we do get, we use to store left over foods. Whether that be some left over Veg Curry or sealing up some unused onion or pepper that we didn’t use when cooking, they’re a great way to cut down on food waste and keep any food as fresh as possible until you need it. 

Take a look at your spending HABITS

Yes, I shop on the high street. I’m fully aware that fast fashion is one of the awful culprits of unwanted waste and climate change. I still shop In the shops that I love, however, in moderation. I don’t have the money to shop fully sustainable in stores that use sustainable fabrics, however, I’m trying.. In the same way not eating meat once a week has a positive impact, so does acknowledging that it’s not good to shop at these stores all of the time. One of my biggest hacks (and the most obvious) is shopping second hand when you can. Due to being a petite gal, it can be hard to find trousers/dresses that fit me in vintage stores, but with jackets, blouses and t-shirts, I always find something that I truly love and that is still bang on style that you wouldn’t even know. I like to make it clear that I do still shop on ASOS and Primark, however, a hell of a lot less and hopefully one day I can make the transition into only purchasing from fully sustainable brands.

Alternatively, you can dig a little deeper into supporting local / small businesses and put your money back into the local economy, rather than funding mass cooperations. It’s these little steps away from fast fashion that can really make a difference.

Re-usable cups are the way forward

Last year, the world went crazy reducing the use of plastic straws and it worked. So many cafes, bars and restaurants went for paper straws or no straws at all to help with single use plastic waste and of course, helping to save the turtles. Truth is though, plastic straws are a very small contribution to the worlds plastic waste. In an ideal world, the supermarkets and shops would be completely plastic free and from watching a few documentaries, I know that this is something supermarket chains such as Iceland are working on. Whilst we wait on that though, it’s important to cut out single use plastic as much as we can. Obviously taking a re-usable bag when you shop is super helpful, but how many times are we subject to getting a coffee and realising we don’t have a keep cup or reusable cup with us, as I am indeed guilty! A couple of months ago I picked up a collapsable Stojo cup that comes with a straw and It’s changed the game. Whenever I head into town for a coffee or I’m traveling, I take this bad boy with me. In some places I save money on my drink for using the cup and It folds into any of my bags so easily.

If you’re like me and you’re attempting to change in small ways to be more sustainable, than I hope these help you!  

Until next time x 


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