The Beauty Of Being Perfectly Imperfect

I’m sure by now, we’re all aware that social media can have negative effects on how we view ourselves. There’s an immense treasure to be perfect and portray the perfect life. However, even in real life, I still think we’re not willing to accept our flaws and use them as a focus to grow. Personally, I think the beauty of being a human is have imperfections and using them to your advantage. I’m not talking baring all, but I’m talking about accepting those imprecations and seeing that there’s beauty in being perfectly imperfect. 


The Power Of Feminine Energy

Before we delve into it all, let me just express that ‘Feminine Energy’ is not exclusive to women, it’s an inward energy that focus’ on our inner feelings and our softer side. It’s the flow of allowing things to come to you. Whereas a typical ‘Masculine Energy’ expresses an assertive attitude and more leading in social situations. Despite there names, no matter what gender you identify with, you can be either, depending on your mood or situation.

Having a Feminine Energy can be related with being over-emotional and ‘too soft’ which personally I do not see as negative connotations. There’s immense power in being able to connect with people and express empathy to those around you. These aspects are seen by society as a weakness.

I’m a true believer that you attract what is going to come to you. This isn’t in the sense of karma or anything like that, but in the sense of if you’re open to it and you have a positive, welcoming attitude, what you attract will come to you.

You’re probably wondering how you can use your feminine energy for your own benefit? And if you’re not, well, I’m going to tell you anyways! This type of energy is all about slowing down and enjoying the moment, which ironically, is something that I struggle to do. I put so much energy and effort into what I do and my relationships, that sometimes it can feel so overwhelming and I’m constantly focusing on the next task at hand, when in reality, slowing down and learning to enjoy the little moments, whether they’re perfect or not, sometimes there’s peace within those small, imperfect moments. 

3 tips to Embracing Imperfection

Having imperfections is viewed as a negative thing, however, it is physically and mentally impossible to be perfect. However, it’s important that we learn to find the beauty in our individual quirks that make us so unique. Understandably, sometimes it’s hard to be in that headspace of seeing it all through those fresh eyes. Sometimes, we are far too hard on ourselves, so here’s 3 ways I practice embracing my imperfections 

Earrings #GIFTED from Daisy London
  • Wear Some Meaningful Jewellery

Whenever I’m not feeling so beautiful or I feel as though I just don’t have my life together, I find that wearing some jewellery actually helps. A lot of my pieces have a deeper meaning behind them, they’re either gifts from people that I love, or have been passed down from my mother, so they’re very sentimental.

My favourite jewellery brand at the moment is by far Daisy London, I got some items from their Goddess Collection for Christmas and my birthday and the lovely Daisy team, have very kindly gifted me some earrings to – So my special little collection is truly complete. Their jewellery is dainty, easy to wear and I love that their collections have a deeper meaning. The Estee Lalonde Goddess collection is all about embracing your imperfections and owning being a true Goddess – Which is obviously right up my street! If you’re wanting to treat someone (or yourself) to a powerful token to start the year, I’d definitely recommend trusting yourself to a Jewellery Gift from Daisy!

  • Focus on utilising your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Many of us grew up societies where we were told we have to really focus on strengthening our weaknesses. If we weren’t great at math, then we got the idea that we needed to spend more of our time and energy strengthening our abilities in math.

Though there are benefits to strengthening our weaknesses, it can really cause a blow to our self-esteem and motivation to focus on them. We can develop the idea that just because we are not good at this one thing, then we are a failure.

So ask yourself: What things am I really good at? Is it music? Writing? Listening to people? Identify what things come natural to you and make it a goal to really enhance your gifts so you can be the best that you can be.

  • Treat yourself to a pamper 

Whether you’re doing a face mask whilst in the bath, going out and getting your nails done, or however else you like to pamper yourself, go and do it. We put ourselves down so often and sometimes, a little bit of self care is the perfect way to get your focus on yourself aligned. When you’re pampering yourself, you’re not worrying about people on instagram or anything like that, this time is for you. If you’re pampering at home, why not do a short meditation whilst your face mask sets, or run yourself a bath with some candles and ambient music. Be romantic and tender with yourself and put yourself first for a change 




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  1. January 9, 2020 / 8:47 PM

    It’s so important to embrace your flaws and imperfections, especially in this day and age with social media sometimes telling us what to look like and how we should look in general. Having a pamper session every now and then is important, I really need to give myself a face mask more often! x

    Lucy |

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