Autumn Style Radar 2019.

It’s that time of the year again where we switch up our wardrobes ready for the colder, darker months. We had a fairly warm Summer here in the UK but now, we’re dealing with torrential rain and it getting dark at 4pm, so the Summer to Autumn switch has been pretty drastic in all honestly. I spend the majority of Summer feeling as though my personal style doesn’t come across in my outfits as I hoped it would. I just don’t feel ‘truly’ myself, but as soon as Autumn arrives, I’m finally excited about fashion and dressing myself all over again. So, with this said, it’s time to delve into some Autumn/Winter 2019 trends and see how we can style them with our current wardrobe situation. 

Trend #1 – all things 70’s

At this point, I’m not entirely sure whether the 70’s style is a trend, or that it’s simply my brain being attracted to everyone 70’s related and just thinking that it’s 70’s style, does that make sense? Well, anyways, the 70’s flares and warm colour palettes are here to stay for yet another Autumn. 

I already have so many 70’s style items in my wardrobe, as it’s well and truly my vibe, however, I’ve added and got my eye on a few new pieces to elevate what I already have, which I think is what we all should be doing. Instead of going out there and treating yourself to a whole new wardrobe, it’s important to work with that you already have. 

70’s denim seems to be hitting the hughstreet and the catwalk, I’ve seen brands from Levi’s to Topshop and even Stella McCartney releasing 70’s inspired Denim into their recent collections. 

But if Denim isn’t your kind of thing, Rixo has released a Woodstock themed collection and it is EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, that collection is tailored towards S/S 2020, but they have a limited amount of products on offer for pre order in October. 

Shop 70’s

Obnoxious accessories

I’d usually consider myself as someone who preferred jewellery & accessories that are dainty and understated, however lately, the bigger and bolder, the better. I’ve been LOVING the whole obnoxious headband and earring trend and my love for it is 100% seeping into my Autumn/Winter wardrobe this year. I’ve purchased a nice little collection of bold accessories that just elevate every outfit. I can make a simple jeans and t-shirt combo look next level within seconds. 




I know what you’re thinking, ‘Abbie, are you okay?’ and the answer is Yep! Although I’m a lover of all the colour and patterns, this season I’ve really fallen in love with adding sophisticated neutrals into my wardrobe. It started off with.a rust colour beret and now it’s gotten to the point where I’m loving the whole neutrals on neutrals trend and looking perfectly co-ordinated, it’s quite satisfying I think!


Until next time x 


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  1. foreverseptember1
    October 22, 2019 / 5:07 PM

    I love the 70s look so much, this jumpsuit is gorgeous!

    Lucy | Forever September

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