A Peak Inside My Everyday Jewellery Collection…

As I’m approaching my mid twenties, I’ve found that finding good quality jewellery and accessories has become a little bit of an obsession if I’m honest. In my teens, I would by costume type jewellery from places like Topshop & Miss Selfridge. Back then, high-street jewellery quality would pretty much turn your fingers green and tarnish pretty much instantly. I’ve simply just gotten to the age where quality has overweighed quantity by a long mile. However, since investing in my jewellery, I’ve found so many amazing pieces from some pretty special independent brands and of course, a few high-street stores. Although, I’m spending more money on investing in my accessories, that doesn’t been I have all the money in the world to spend on them, girls got a mortgage now!

Ever since the start of time, I’ve always thought that silver jewellery was my go-to and I wouldn’t even look at gold or any other colour jewellery of accessories. However, since I discovered brands like Muru and Missoma, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with gold jewellery, it’s just so effortless and the perfect statement for every outfit or occasion. So, here’s a sneak peek into my everyday jewellery collection…

Carrie elizabeth moonstone ring

Anything that is crystal/gem stone related I am here for. I absolutely love my jewellery to look slightly boho, so the whole irregular moonstone ring style is right up my street.

I’m very particular with rings, I hate anything that looks too over the top or just feels heavy and uncomfortable, especially when it comes to rings. The band on this ring is so small and delicate, however, it’s really strong and hasn’t become misshapen, even after I’ve been wearing it and travelling with it in various jewellery holders of the past couple of weeks.

The collection of Moonstone Rings from Carrie Elizabeth really has something for everyone. Whether you’re wanting a piece as more of a statement or want a few rings that can be stacked and interchanged with the rest of your collection, the range definitely has something for you to completely swoon over.

MURU Gold Aphrodite Coin NecklacE

When I posted this necklace on my instagram feed, the amount of messages that I received of people asking me for the link was ridiculous. Coin necklaces are so on trend at the moment, however, I see them as being completely timeless. Goin necklaces just look good with everything and It’s actually taken me a really long time to find ‘the one,’ 

This intricately crafted coin pendant in gold vermeil features Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. Revered for her beauty, Aphrodite was worshipped for her passion for life and brought good fortune to all those around her. I just love that there’s a bit of a story wrapped around such a beautiful necklace. 

If you’re wanting to buy a gift for a partner, family member or friend, I think one of the Greek Mythology coin necklaces are perfect. A thing to note, is that the boxes arrive looking so completely beautiful and there’s small cards with explanations of the meanings around the jewellery, which I think is a really lovely touch. 


muru Star Hook Earrings

Are you surprised at all that there’s something star related within all of my current jewellery faves? There’s no surprise that when I saw these on the Muru website, it was love at first sight. They’re so delicate and easy to wear. If you’re like me and you’re constantly tucking your fringe behind your ears, every time I get a glimpse of them, it just fills me with joy and I think that’s exactly how your beloved jewellery should make you feel. 

You want to have a jewellery collection that you’re excited to wear and even if you’re wearing a plain tee and jeans, when you put on your everyday jewellery, you just feel instantly more put together.



This necklace was a Birthday present from my mum and I feel as though If I was someone transformed into a necklace, this is what I would become. The necklace is so simple and easy to style (I particularly love layering it.) I personally hate anything to fussy, 9 times out of 10, I fall asleep when wearing my necklaces, so having anything too big or too long really just doesn’t work.

The main reason why I wear this so much is because my mum bought it for me after a rough couple of months and It’s an item that I hold close to my heart because through that time, mine and my mums relationship grew and evolved massively, so to me, the lightning bolt defines the strength of our bond and shows me that I can get through anything.- It may sound cheesy, but it’s very true.

Anthropologie Monogram Pendant Necklace

Another beautiful gift alert! This necklace was purchased earlier this year on mine and my boyfriends 4 year anniversary trip to Edinburgh. I absolutely love Anthropologie, but annoyingly, we don’t have any stores in or around Liverpool, so when we walked past the store in Edinburgh, I obviously had to have a nose. 

I stumbled across these necklaces and thought they where so dainty and pretty – And once again, perfect for layering. So, has I walked away to look at something else, Vincent very kindly went and bought me the necklace as a present for our anniversary, which was super sweet and I love that I have something to remember that trip by and of course, 4 years together. 



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  1. foreverseptember1
    September 27, 2019 / 2:42 PM

    So many beautiful pieces, over the past few years I’ve really gotten into accessorising and am obsessed with buying jewellery! The moonstone ring is so gorgeous!

    Lucy | Forever September

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