What I Wore At Glastonbury Festival 2019.

Last week, I got back from my 4th time at the iconic Glastonbury Festival. With Festivals, there’s almost a massive stigma of festival fashion over on social media – We’ve all seen the offerings of websites such as PLT & Missguided, it’s far fetched and 100% not suitable for Festivals in the UK. 

We’re all so used to seeing  every Instagram Baddie posing up a storm in their unrealistic and uncomfortable Coachella outfits, but here in the UK, we’re more practicality over ‘style’ factor, (using the term ‘style’ very loosely from the Coachella outfits I seen this year…) 

Anyways, I thought I’d share what I actually wore to Glastonbury Festival this year in the hope to give you some inspiration how how to merge together comfort and style for any festivals that you may be heading to this Summer! 


Outfit #1

This year at Glastonbury was an absolute scorcher. Some days we had temps of 33 degrees. Which is that last thing you want when you’re outside all day and sleeping inside a tent. I really wasn’t 100% prepared for how hot it actually was. Luckily, I packed a super airy Vintage t-shirt that I got from a Glastonbury I went to a couple years ago. The cotton was super lightweight so it meant my shoulders where covered from the sun but I was also nice and cool. The skirt is from Asos and It’s such a comfortable skirt and PERFECT for festivals or everyday wear. Pair the duo with a snazzy bucket hat and some DM’s are you’re festival look is golden!

Outfit #2

You literally cannot go wrong with a floaty floral dress for a festival. I very rarely wear shorts or anything that’s too difficult to get in and out of, simply because the toilet situation at Festivals isn’t always the most pleasant. So, having a dress that can make the time spent in the loo a little shorter is a winner for me. This dress is #gifted from Nobody’s Child, I ended up wearing it on a few occasions throughout the festival because it was just SO comfortable in the heat.

Outfit #3

 Layering is key at festivals. If you’re too hot, or too cold, you can simply add and take away layers to reach your desired temperature. My favourite thing to layer is cute slip dresses and band tee’s. It looks cool, effortless and it’s SO comfortable! – What more could you want at a festival, really? This amazing tie-dye slip dress is again, #gifted from Nobody’s Child  and It’s so perfect for both Summer in the UK and abroad. It’s not too thick or heavy, but it’s lined and incredibly lightweight. I styled it with an old band t-shirt, my trusted Doc’s and of course, a bucket hat because the sun was none stop!

Outfit #4

This outfit was one that was a lot less planned than the others, simply because at this point in the festival, I’d ran out of clothes that were super appropriate for the hot weather. I don’t think any of us were expecting it to be as scorching as it actually was, so this outfit was the last dress I had, luckily it was a nice dress and went well with the crochet cardigan that I’d packed as my ‘cover up’



  1. Emma Lisa
    July 10, 2019 / 9:18 PM

    Love your outfits – definitely more realistic when it comes to British festivals! Also, so jealous that you’ve been to Glastonbury four times!! x


  2. foreverseptember1
    July 13, 2019 / 5:35 PM

    I love all of your outfits, perfect for a hot weekend at a festival! I’d love to go to Glastonbury some day, looks like so much fun.

    Lucy | Forever September

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