Seeing Life Through Rose-Tinted Lenses.

Sometimes, seeing life through rose-tinted lenses can be both a curse and a blessing. Reality is harsh, and sometimes to cope, we need to morph things and attempt to see them in an alternative, more positive way.

I feel as though I spend the majority of my life seeing the negative aspects of a situation before I see the good, which I suppose in the long-hall, can prepare me for the inevitable wraith of life. However, sometimes I need to let go and allow myself to build my hopes up and accept that sometimes, it’s best to see the good in things, even if it is a bad situation.

Although the phrase ‘Seeing life through rose-tinted lenses’ can be more tailored towards having an optimistic perception of something and perhaps seeing the good in something, despite it not actually being there. The phrase is still one that I’ve been attempting to weave into my own daily mentras.

Without the shadow of a doubt, I see the bad in things before the good. Whether that be myself, my work of the situations that I find myself. I’m a very negative person towards myself, my own worst enemy if you will. But with other people, I always try to give them a positive spin. It frustrates me that I can offer optimism and positive vibes to other people, sometimes complete strangers, however, never myself.

We Are Not Who We Think We Are.

Do you ever speak to someone in your family, or overhear what other people have said about you and you’re just completely shocked? That’s because it’s VERY likely that you view yourself in a completely different way. Similar to how we look in the mirror and only see the negative aspects that we wish and hope we could change when other people talk about is (hopefully in a good light) it’s as though we learn about ourselves from a whole new perspective. Sometimes the good things that we do for other people almost come as second nature and it’s not until they speak about it, or think about it, that we realise just how amazing and capable we really are.

Looking Into My Own Reflection

My life navigates on a day-to-day basis. I take everything as it comes and try to deal with it the best I can. I like to try and see every day as a new day, and a new opportunity to try something new and learn from my own mistakes. However, it’s very rare that I take the time to really self-asses myself. I know for some, that criticising yourself can seem literally insane (that’s because it is) But, I spend so much time trying to be the best version of myself and worrying and overthinking about everything I’ve ever done wrong. This time, I’m not self-assessing myself in the means of negativity, I’m doing it in a way that focuses on the things I’m doing right and all of the hard situations that I’ve survived and learned from. It’s all about putting that positive spin on it.

When we look into the mirror, how often do we pick ourselves apart? We analyse the flaws on our faces, the laugh lines, the blemishes and our overall appearance. Imagine if we lived in a world were when we looked in the mirror, we saw the beauty in our complexions, the stories behind our eyes and the joy in our laugh lines. We live in a society that is SO negative but tries to mask. it all over with the appearance of our Instagram feeds. Pardon my French, but it’s fucking boring.


Put Yourself On a Pedestal For a Change

The people we love in our lives, we tend to put on a pedestal and it’s not very often that we see how we put a blanket over the things they do us wrong by. Whether that be a family member, a friend or a love interest, it goes without saying that we never truly want to believe the negativity that they can possess.

What I’m trying to say is, how we view ourselves is never how we view other people. Self-confidence is almost entirely how we view ourselves. Don’t’ get me wrong, there are people in this world that will knock your confidence and attempt to knock you down a peg at any given moment, but they’re not the people worth stressing over. When I look at my sister, for example, I see her strength, her kindness as a mother, how she always makes an effort with how she looks and how she’s always there when I need her. Imagine if for a second I thought those things about myself, or even something somewhat similar, my self-confidence would be soaring.

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