How To Spend 48hrs In Edinburgh

Sometimes I short break is all you need and escaping for a few nights of adventure and fun can really do the trick when it comes to giving you a fresh outlook on things. A few weeks ago, myself and my boyfriend visited Edinburgh for a few days for our 4 year anniversary. We spent the weekend, eating, drinking and having more fun than I’d of ever imagined.

Me being me, likes to do a fair bit of research before going anywhere and I made such a huge list on my phone of every recommendation possible, so I thought I’d show you the cream of the crop when it comes to spending a long weekend in Edinburgh.

Where We Stayed…

There’s so many amazing hotels within Edinburgh, we were really spoiled for choice. However, in the end, we opted to stay in a serviced apartment called ‘Kingford Residence’ it was such a bargain and was the perfect place to stay as it had pretty much everything we needed.

We’re talking a mini kitchen, wardrobe, ironing facilities and even a gym for under £150 for 2 nights. Obviously prices will always. vary depending on peak days, however, I think this is such an amazing price for everything included. The apartment was about a 5 minute taxi ride from the city centre and was about a 10 minute walk from Calton Hill.

Tourist Spots & Things To Do

Edinburgh has such a rich and interesting history that I can’t help but want to explore. There’s so many places that we didn’t get the chance to go to, but I feel as though we visited the spots that where really ‘us’ and that we’d never done in any other cities that we’d visited together.

Ghost Bus Tour

The Ghost Bus Tour was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was so interesting and hilarious. So many people that I work with had recommended that I done a Ghost Bus Tour during my visited, however, I wasn’t sure that my boyfriend would be interested in going on one. But, with a little bit of convincing, we decided that we’d do it.

The tour takes your around the most spooky and haunted spots in Edinburgh whilst scenes and stories are acted out. I learnt so much about the twisted history of Edinburgh, it was right up my street.

Edinburgh Castle

An obvious tourist spot, but oh so beautiful to see! The thing I adore about Edinburgh Castle, is that there’s so many views of it when you’re walking around the streets of Edinburgh, but to see it up close and personal is just something else. We didn’t take the tour around the castle, however, that’s an option if you want to discover the castle further.

Camera Obscurer World Of Illusions

If you’re up for something a little different and fun, then a visit to Camera Obscurer World Of Illusions is perfect for you. We visited Edinburgh during Easter Half Term, therefore it was rather busy with children and families, however, we had a lot of fun and there’s some stunning views from the top of the museum. I’m not going to spoil it too much, as it’s definitely something that you have to see and do for yourself, as no pictures will quite do anything justice.

It took us around an hour to go round it all, so with the small amount of time we had there, it was perfect for a little indoor break from the fresh but chilly air.

Edinburgh Zoo

Not going to lie, the Zoo was what had me so excited to visit Edinburgh. I love animals and will always support Charity Zoo’s that really know how to take care of their animals and their work goes into research to help said animals out in the wild. Before visiting a Zoo, always make sure that it’s charity run. Edinburgh Zoo is stunning, the enclosures give the animals all the space they need and the keepers top priority is that people leave feeling educated and appreciative of the stunning animals that walk the earth with us.

Where To Eat & Drink

The main reason why I was so excited to visit Edinburgh, was because of all the amazing food places I was recommended. We tried to fit as much as we possibly could into our visit and although we didn’t visit everywhere on my list, I left with a happy stomach to say the least.

Urban Angel

By now, you should know that I’m s girl who loves a good brunch. I’d seen a lot of Urban Angel on Instagram and thought that their food look amazing, and Instagram wasn’t lying (on this occasion anyways) We ate breakfast there and I went for a simple Avocado on Toast with Feta & Tomatoes – It’s a classic but a firm favourite.

Their menu is small but everything on there sounded so delicious, I think a huge menu would make any decision making 10 times harder than what it actually was.

Breakfast from Urban Angel

Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms was the one place on my list that I knew I HAD to visit! So many people on instagram had recommended that I went there as their Vegan junk food and boozy cocktail menu was right up my street. Honestly, I was so amazed by how cool this place was, so many lights and nick-nacks scattered about, I got a really ‘hipster pub’ vibe from it all.

The food on the other hand was probably the best Vegan Junk food I’d ever had. The Mac & Cheese honestly has be muttering ‘oh my god’ as I ate it. If you’re looking for a cheap meal but something a little different with a super cool atmosphere, than Paradise Palms is the one for you!


Although there’s now a Dishoom in both Manchester & London, I still hadn’t visited one of their restaurants before and I’ve been so eager to for the longest time. As our visit to Edinburgh was in celebration of our anniversary, we thought visiting somewhere a little bit fancier would be well worth it.

The Bar & Resturaunt where both very busy, so if you’re wanting somewhere you can sit down and eat straightaway, Dishoom maybe isn’t the one. However, we drank some cocktails and only waited about half an hour for a table. Service was so speedy, food was literally NEXT LEVEL and we left feeling as though it was all well worth the wait.

Civerino’s Slice

After a long day discovering the city, a hearty meal is a must. We took a visit to Civerino’s slice after a morning at Edinburgh Zoo and my goodness was it worth the wait. Civerino’s was a place. that I’d seen recommended in a few Edinburgh Food blogs I’d been reading prior to our visit, so I knew it was somewhere that we had to check out. The Pizza’s are fresh and as Italian as you could dream. But, if pizza isn’t quite your thing, you can get a filling bowl of pasta and an array of sides to fill your carb dreams.

Marys Milk Bar

I’m all about the desserts. If there’s sugar in it, you be you I’m here for it. Mary’s Milk Bar was recommended by one of my friends on instagram. The Milk Bar sells coffee, tea, and of course, the most delicious and creamiest ice-cream.

Mary’s switch up their flavours pretty much everyday, so you’re in for a treat of what flavours are on offer when you visit. I went for Salted Caramel and Cinnamon, a strange combination but it was well worth it.

Where To Shop


I’m a sucker for some good homeware. Homer is a cute little store that’s set out exactly like a house. Everything inside is shoppable. There’s a library filled with amazing books and stationary, a Bedroom filled with stunning scatter cushions and cosy blankets, as well as a kitchen and garden where you can fill your boots with porcelain and plant pots. It’s such a cool concept and the perfect escape from the rain!

Curiouser & Curiouser

Discovering independent shops whilst exploring a new city is my forte. I love shops that sell pretty much every nick-nack your heart desires. Curiouser and Curiouser is that shop to the T! If you’re looking for a cute gift, a card or even some adorable wrapping paper, this is the place for you.

I hope you enjoyed my Edinburgh guide! If you’re looking for a small break and the chance to explore somewhere new, I think Edinburgh is the perfect destination. If you have any recommendations of your own, then please let me know down in the comments!

Until next time x


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