The Realities Of Owning a Miniature Dachshund | 6-Month Pupdate.

This post contains a gifted collaboration with Furbo 

I absolutely cannot believe we’ve had Duke (our Miniature Dachshund) for just under 6 months. I cannot tell you how long I’ve dreamed about having a Miniature Dachshund and in October 2018, my dream became a reality. When it comes to getting a puppy, or any pet for that matter, there’s so much you need to consider and so many factors you need to address both before and after making your decision to get a pet.

Although my usual content is fashion related, I wanted to give you a 6-month ‘Pupdate’ (see what I did there) so if there’s anyone out there who’s weighing up getting a puppy, you’ve got a real girls perspective on what it’s actually like, as well as some tips and tricks when it comes to adapting and brining up your dog.

Finding The Right Fit

Since I was about 11, I’ve been researching dogs I wanted and what environment was best for each breed that I loved. Yes, I’m aware that this sounds dramatic, however, that’s honestly how I would spend my spare time. There’s a Youtube series called ‘Dogs 101’ which talks your through various dog breeds, from their health concerns to how you groom them. It’s a really interesting series to watch if you want a dog, but you’re not too sure what breed would adapt well to your lifestyle. After all, you don’t want to buy or adopt a dog and not be able to give it the life that it deserves.

I’ve always wanted to adopt a dog, however, whilst working full times and renting an apartment, this just wasn’t something I could do. With a lot of dog adoptions, you need to own the property you’re in and have a LOT of time to dedicate to your new furry friends, as you never know what life or background they’ve had previously.

I found Duke on pets4homes. I’d been in contact with a few various breeders, however, there had been a few things that just didn’t add up and these are things that you REALLY need to stay clear of when it comes to purchasing a puppy. One breeder that I was contacting wanted to drop the dog off to my flat and didn’t want me to go to their house to meet the puppy before I purchased him. This is a huge red flag. Before you pay any money for a pet, ensure that you can arrange to meet the puppies mum in their home. You 1) want to know that your puppy isn’t stolen and 2) want to meet your breeder and ask any questions before handing over the £££

Settling Your Puppy In

Settling Duke into our home was the biggest challenge of them all. I felt so cruel taking him away from his mum and everything he’d ever known, but I knew I was going to give him the best life I could. We had real difficulties with Duke to begin with, simply because he was SO attached to me, to the point he would have horrific separation anxiety. Whenever I walked away from him – I could be in the same room, however, as soon as I wasn’t in direct contact with him, he was distraught. This was so frustrating because I still needed to go to work and do all of my usual day-to-day chores, but now with the extra worry about Duke, simply because I was scared he’d hurt himself, annoy the neighbours or simply never snap out of this. It was a difficult time and It’s really something you need to consider when you get a dog, it may take a few days, weeks or even months to have your new furry friend truly settled into their new home and new lifestyle.

Say Hello To Furbo | AD – Gifted*

My biggest piece of advice if you’re going through a similar situation with your new pet, is to invest in a Furbo. If you’re reading this thinking ‘A fur-who?’ Then my goodness, you’re missing out. A Furbo is basically like puppy CCTV, you can talk to your puppy, watch them, hear them and even throw treats to them -It’s revolutionary!

For the days when I was in work, worrying whether Duke was okay, I wish I had a Furbo to 1) Settle my mind and 2) Let Duke know everything was A-Okay! I wish I had gotten one sooner when Duke’s separation anxiety was at it’s worst, it’s such a life saver in terms of just having that peace of mind no-matter where you are. All you have to do to get going is download the Furbo app and connect it to your Furbo device, in seconds you can see, hear and interact with your fur babies on the bus, in work or even whilst you’re on holiday, it’s truly a God-sent (or should I say DOG-sent)

Furbo Features

One of my favourite features is the Bark Detection, whenever Duke would bark at something when I wasn’t home, I’d receive a notification to my phone, informing me that a bark has been detected, 9 times out of 10, it was Duke barking at his food bowl, but it’s once again, nice to know that they’re okay!

The treat-throwing aspect to the gadget is so much fun! I recently started a new job and checked up on Duke during my lunch break, within seconds I had the entire office huddled around me asking if they could flick a treat out to Duke via the app – Let’s just say that day, he had A LOT of treats!

The most obvious feature is how the Furbo is designed, I’m personally such a lover of interior design, especially anything Scandi inspired and the Furbo gives me all of those vibes. I don’t mind it say on my kitchen counter, I think it looks pretty cool, unless I pointed out it was a dog camera, you probably wouldn’t notice too much,

Get £50 off your Furbo order with the code ‘blushandnoise50’

Life With Duke

Vincent and I could not be any happier with Duke. We treat him as though he’s our first child. We look forward to spending time with him when we’ve been at work and he brings us so much love and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes he barks at nothing, or decide he would like to play with your slipper, rather than the basket full of dog toys he has, it’s not always a walk in the park (lol)

One thing Dachshunds are known for is being stubborn, which is true in some situations with Duke. He likes to be cuddled and burrowed in a blanket, if you deny him of that, he won’t give up trying until he gets what he wants, you’ve got to love a trier, right?

I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him now, sometimes I sit there and just think ‘OMG I HAVE A SAUSAGE DOG’ is that weird or?

I hope you enjoyed Duke’s Pupdate! So many of you are obsessed with him whenever I put him on my instagram stories, so I thought a little update was appropriate!

Until next time x


This post contains a gifted collaboration with Furbo 


  1. March 18, 2019 / 12:09 PM

    Duke is just the sweetest lil pup and I always enjoy watching him on your Instagram story, I always show my boyfriend like ‘oh my god, looook’! Once we move in together, we plan on getting two miniature dachshunds, so this post is gonna be saved and referred back to in a few years time!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Hanna zukoski
    July 27, 2019 / 11:57 PM

    I have 2 girl minis they are 1 year old.i have trouble with potty training. Any advise

  3. Helen Hughes-Smith
    December 13, 2019 / 1:45 AM

    Once you have a Doxie you will always have a Doxie. They are the best. Big dog attitude in a small size.

  4. Darla walsh
    December 13, 2019 / 10:18 AM

    Doxies are stubborn when it comes to potty training lots of treats and patience try putting bells on door knob of where he she will be going out side of

  5. Pkb
    December 21, 2019 / 1:45 AM

    Please be careful about them jumping. Hard to do I know. But stop them when they are young. I had a standard he jumped down stairs. Ruptured disc. Now my mini, we are so careful with has hurt a disc. Is better after prednisone and methocarbamol. But will always walk with a limp now and slightly hunched back. But I love him.

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