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It’s been the busiest, the most stressful and the most exciting past month or so, which is mostly why I haven’t uploaded a blog post over the past few weeks, I’ve had so many ideas but simply no time to sit down and get creative, which as a person who uses creativity as a stress outlet, I’ve been very stressed to say the least. I just wanted to offload everything that has been going on over the past month, simply to keep anyone who’s interested up to date and to share some very exciting happenings that you’ll be seeing all over my blog and social over the next few weeks! 

We Got a Puppy! 

If you know me or follow me on any of my social media accounts (hint, hint, you totally should) you’ll know that I’ve wanted a Miniature Dachshund or a Welsh Corgi for the longest time ever. I pretty much talked the ear off my boyfriend until I F I N A L L Y convinced him that getting a pupper of our own was a great idea. We got our little fur baby around a month ago and he is such a little life in our life. His name is Duke and he is a black/tan Miniature Dachshund who loves hiding under blankets and lazing on the sofa. Although getting a puppy is so exciting, it’s also a whole new realm of responsibility, training a dog isn’t easy and getting them into a proper routine can be super tiring. So, a lot of my nights have consisted either hardly sleeping, or sleeping on the sofa to stop Duke from crying for company. In the first few weeks, he suffered from separation anxiety (you can tell he’s my dog) therefore doing anything was impossible as all hell would break lose whenever I left the room or even tried to go to the toilet. 

Duke has now realised his love of ham, therefore he’s now that distracted by eating it when we leave, that he doesn’t even realise that we’ve gone. That’s parenting right? 

Dress: Boohoo, Boots: New Look, Jacket: New Look, Turtle Neck: Primark, Hat: Topshop 

We’re Moving House! 

Moving was something that we did not think was on the cards for at-least another year. I absolutely love our current apartment, it was perfect for Vincent & I, however, it’s time to move on and live somewhere a little bigger and slightly more suited to our new puppy parent lifestyle. So next week, we get the keys to our new place. We will be renting still, I can only dream about owning my own place, however, renting works well for us at the minute with Vincent still being at university. Moving house is so expensive and we’ve pretty much got to buy a whole new set of furniture for the living room and bedroom, which is annoying for my bank account, however, my interior design heart is truly happy. 

One of the most exciting things about moving is that we have a garden, which also means we can have Penny (my 4 year old Spring Spaniel who lives with my mum) live with us. Our current apartment is small and doesn’t have a private garden, therefore, Penny would just be too big and it wouldn’t have been fair to have her cooped up until I finished work and could walk her. The new apartment is also 2-bedroom which means we will have a spare bedroom, which will be getting turned into a home office, or how I like to call it, Blush & Noise HQ! So expect so much more content coming at you! Yay! 

The Sunday Girls Club 

Myself and my best friend, Erin (aka Bitchin’Blonde) have discussed starting a project together over the past 2 years or so. We’ve dabbled in things a few times, however, nothing had truly materialised. Earlier this year we started The Covert Girls, which started off strong & super exciting, however, as we both have so much going on in terms of work and life, it slowly dwindled down due to that fact we didn’t have time to shoot content as much as we would have liked. So, after many conversations about what we were going to do and change the name to, we decided to go with The Sunday Girls Club. The idea is somewhat similar, however, so much more exciting. 

The Sunday Girls Club is all about giving a voice to women and simply helping them whether it be with style, beauty, career or mental health. We want the content to focus on other women too, as there’s so many women out there (not just bloggers and influencers) who have amazing stories to share that can potentially help and inspire others, so that’s what we want to share. We want the space to be a place where women (and men if you wish) can open up, feel inspired and connect with other people. We’re only just getting started and having an amazing story from a wonderful new mum coming very soon, so if this sounds like something you’d love to get involved with, or maybe you have a story to share, then be sure to follow us on instagram, we’re @TheSundayGirlsClub! 

Not only am I so excited for everything that’s coming up, but I’m so excited that it’s Autumn & I can start wearing my favourite clothes once again and dressing up in my fave trends!

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Until next time x 


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