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Convenience is key in this modern day and age. We like things to be simple and efficient, especially when it comes to travelling. There’s nothing worse than waiting for public transport, only for it to be late or completely jam-packed when it arrives. However, my recent discovery of ArrivaClick has changed how I utilise public transport.

I’m very impatient and usually running late if I ’m honest with you, however, now that ArrivaClick has launched in Liverpool with their handy-dandy smartphone app, it’s now easier than ever for me to travel around the city with pure easy of my patience, as well as my bank account.

If you’ve not heard of ArrivaClick, the chances are you’ve probably seen some bouje Arriva mini buses cruising around the city centre or south Liverpool at some point over the last few months. Within a few taps and a click of a button, at your convenience ready and raring to take you to your desired destination.

You can now wave goodbye to getting several buses to one place You can take a seat, charge your phone and enjoy a stress-free journey.  The app currently covers Liverpool’s city centre and South Liverpool, so with the tap of a button, you can go all the way to Liverpool airport for a lot cheaper than you’d expect!

The ArrivaClick app is so easy to use. You can download it in seconds from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, simply add in your details and pop in your location and destination and you’re good to go.

It takes no time at all and you can conveniently purchase travel passes for unlimited weekly travel, which is amazing if you’re using the app to commute to work, or simply want the peace of mind that your travel costs are covered for that week. 

I’ve been using ArrivaClick for around 2 weeks now and my honest opinion is that I love it! We’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes for the bus to arrive, it’s never cost us more than £7.50 to travel around south Liverpool (that price is for 2) and we’ve always enjoyed the journeys. The seats are comfortable, there’s tables so I can work on the go and there are even USB plugs, so you can charge your devices whilst you ride.

On the weekend, we used the app to have a different kind of day out. My boyfriend and I live in the city centre, so we’re lucky to have shops & cafes in walking distance to us. However, on a weekend, if we want to travel outside of the city to visit family or friends, we are greeted with busy buses, and expensive taxis, so 9 times out of 10, we stick to the safe side and stay in the city. However, last weekend we shook it up and ordered an ArrivaClick to take us to Edge Lane Shopping Park to nosey around some shops that we don’t have in the city centre, which was amazing as the change of scenery was so refreshing.

You can get a free journey by using the code ‘BLUSH’ when you download the app! I’d love to know what you got up to while using the app!

We then ordered another ArrivaClick with a click of a button to take us to a brand new restaurant on Smithdown Road called ‘Maggie Fu’ it was so nice to explore another area of Liverpool that we don’t visit too often and try some different shops, bars & restaurants whilst we’re at it. The entire day of travel costs us £14, which is amazing considering that was for two of us, and we went quite far from our original location.

Happy stress-free travelling!


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