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  1. You know I dont really leave comments on here very often. But you are a Very brave and compassionate person who has put your deep personal feelings a into this. Well done for a very heartfelt blog Abbie. So proud of you. ❤️?

  2. “wondering whether anxiety has completely consumed you and you are now the personification of it”

    I really felt that. It’s something constantly swirling around my head, so much so that I don’t even know the difference between my real instincts and The Voice any more. It’s like a dark cloak draped over me that obscures the world from me and vice versa, and it’s so heavy that trying to throw it off is tiring. I’m so, so glad that you’re seeing someone who is helping you lift it, and that you have a mum and boyfriend who are always willing to step inside it for you.

    • Aw Lyd I hope,you’re okay! I mean, despite getting help I’m still in a deep, deep hole, but at least I’m not going deeper. Hopefully the next update I do I will be feeling myself again and I hope you will be too xx

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