Discovering My Interior Style With Julian Charles

As most of you may know, I recently flew the nest and moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend. As I’ve said previously, creating a homely space for my boyfriend and I has been one of my favourite aspects of moving out. Although we have similar taste in furniture and interior style, occasionally I can forget that I cannot make the apartment into everything I’ve ever wanted – Unfortunately I can’t furnish the flat with pink furniture and make it into my own little paradise, It’s all about compromise right? Therefore I’ve almost had to ‘rediscover’ my interior style and find a happy medium that we both love, so I’ve teamed up with the amazing Julian Charles to talk about my interior style and how we’re creating a space that we cannot get enough of. I think we’re gradually getting there with creating a space that we both love and cannot wait to come home to each day.


A Sneak Peek Into Our Apartment…

We spend so much time in our homes and make so many memories in them, so it’s so important to me to make sure that my home is the epitome of comfort and all though I call it home, it needs to feel like home also. As I work a creative job, I want my home to be a space in which I feel inspired but can also switch off at the and of the day. So achieving the balance of inspiring and relaxing is one that we’ve attempted to perfect over the past few months of living together. Although the apartment is a long way from ‘finished’ (I mean, is a home ever finished?) we both feel so at home and I honestly cannot explain how excited I am when I leave work and get to go back to the apartment.

Our apartment has a huge window, therefore we get a lot of light, which I really love as it means I can fill the apartment with plants and flowers that add so much life into the room and just give it such a fresh atmosphere. As this is our first home, we’ve had to cut the cost of things wherever we can, therefore our current sofa isn’t want that we’d particularly want, so we’ve had to get creative with it and make it fit into the Scandinavian vibe that our apartment has. We’ve used some beautiful soft furnishings to cover up the sofa, however, still make it look as though it fits into the apartment theme. Julian Charles has some truly stunning soft furnishings that just really allow for your space to feel like home, after all, there’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in a cosy blanket and watching a film with your loved one, right? You can look at there amazing soft furnishings here, I especially love their bedding as it truly last the toil of time

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Discovering Our Interior Style

I’ve always loved  home ware with a retro edge, and the Scandinavian style grasps that perfectly for me. I love the complementing colours and the wooden furniture with those iconic 60’s/Mid century slanted legs. As you can probably tell, that’s a furniture style that you can see all throughout our apartment. It sort of started off as something we liked and now our whole apartment is a Scandinavian dream it seems.

To nail the Scandinavian style, we simply play around with soft colours that really compliment each other. The main wall in our apartment is a light grey, which really compliments the white walls in the rest of the apartment. We’ve then added pale pinks, blues and a hit of yellow to the apartment, it’s a true pastel dream, however, the mix of colours doesn’t make the apartment look ‘girly’ simply relaxing and light, which is exactly what we wanted to go for. We’ve also personalised the space with some art work, that compliments the colours throughout the apartment and simply ties everything in together.  I’m so happy the mid-century is such a huge trend this year as it means I’ve got my furniture style at my fingertips!

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I can’t wait to share our completed apartment with you all, so many people have messaged me on Instagram and complimented how the apartment is looking, which honestly means so much! I absolutely love interior style so I’m so happy my followers are getting on board with it all and I’m so glad you’re all as excited as I am to see the apartment completed! If there’s a particular interior style that you’re loving right now than feel free to share it with my in the comments down below!




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