A Zebra Never Changes It’s Stripes | How I’m Attempting To Make Big Life Changes


Lately, I’ve been feeling really down about myself, I’ve been slacking when it comes to putting the effort in with how I look and I’ve recently been dealing with IBS (Is that weird to talk about on a blog? – Oh well!) Which has resulted in me being horrendously bloated and feeling so sluggish and tired, which has then resulted in me not going to gym, eating crap and gaining weight. It’s been a real butterfly effect of changes that have really affected my self confidence and made me take a step back and look at my lifestyle from a different perspective.


I know they say a Zebra never changes its stripes, however, I’m determined to make big changes in my life as I’m so tired of feeling bad about the way I look and without sounding dramatic, it would be really refreshing to look in the mirror and not be completely repulsed by my appearance. I thought I’d share some of my plans to change the things in my life that are brining me down, whether it be changes to how I look, or changes to how I live my life and how I deal with situations. Let’s have a little like de-clutter together, shall we?


Jacket: Mango, Top: Vintage, Bag: Zara via Depop, Shoes: Public Desire, Trousers: Topshop, Hat: ASOS, Necklace: ASOS


– Making adjustments to my diet

In all honesty, I don’t eat particularly unhealthy. I’m vegetarian and I do really enjoy eating fruit and veg and making veggie recipes, however, I’m discovering there’s certain things that my stomach doesn’t agree with, which results in me being painfully bloated and I’m talking to the point where my stomach is rock solid and the pain is horrendous. I’m going to start keeping a food diary and writing down when I feel like this and hopefully a pattern will emerged and I can cut out the foods that make me feel that way.

– Only wearing/buying clothing that I feel

As a blogger, there is that need to dress for the current trends. I mean, I’d never buy into a trend that I wasn’t into, however, sometimes I do buy/wear things that I don’t feel 100% confident in. Since I’ve cut down on fast fashion and been looking towards second hand shops and Depop to get my clothes, I’ve found I’ve been buying clothes that are different and clothes that I know I will wear and feel good in. There’s nothing worse (there probably is) than feeling uncomfortable and unconfident, especially when you put a lot of your life on the internet. I want to feel good about myself and these anxieties and worries to go away.

– Unfollowing Instagram accounts that make me feel bad about myself

This may sound a little OTT, however, I constantly compare myself to others and stare at myself in the mirror and wonder why I don’t look a certain way. Although I love Instagram and its brought so many amazing people into my life, It’s also resulted in me following so many accounts that I aspire to be like looks wise. This just isn’t healthy! I wake up and scroll through my Instagram and instantly feel bad about myself. I want to wake up and feel

– Getting myself into a routine

Although routines can sometimes be frustrating, It’s more of a routine to sort myself out. I really need to get back to the gym and start to select certain days when I do so, rather than just going when I fancy it, as that’s not really going to make any positive changes in my life now is it?  I’m actually really excited to know what I’m doing day-to-day, obviously I go to work Monday – Friday but I just like being organised I guess! Hopefully in a few months time I will be feeling a whole lot better about the way I look!





  1. Colleen Welsch
    April 7, 2018 / 12:46 PM

    Girl I have struggled with IBS and I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It's so awful. Definitely keep a food diary to figure out what you're sensitive to. I would also recommend taking a daily probiotic – that's really helped me get my gut in check! And a multivitamin too, since you're losing a lot of nutrients. You can do it!http://colleenwelsch.com

  2. Ellie Bows and Sparkles
    April 8, 2018 / 7:13 AM

    Never weird to talk about anything like IBS lovely! It must be so draining with all the ups and downs it puts you through. You are a boss girl for managing it day in, day out lovely! And p.s, you’re still bloody gorgeous to me no matter what! And I’ve made a nod to you in my new blog post I’m uploading today 😀 . Always my style inspiration! Never let anyone or any saying make you feel as though you can’t do anything you want because anything is achieveable if you give it you’re all! Wishing you a positive journey with the changes you’re making lovely 🙂 .Ellie Xxhttp://elliebowsandsparkles.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

  3. Allie Davies
    April 8, 2018 / 8:04 PM

    Gal you're stunning!!! But I can totally relate, and know you can do it xx

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