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  1. Girl I have struggled with IBS and I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It's so awful. Definitely keep a food diary to figure out what you're sensitive to. I would also recommend taking a daily probiotic – that's really helped me get my gut in check! And a multivitamin too, since you're losing a lot of nutrients. You can do it!

  2. Never weird to talk about anything like IBS lovely! It must be so draining with all the ups and downs it puts you through. You are a boss girl for managing it day in, day out lovely! And p.s, you’re still bloody gorgeous to me no matter what! And I’ve made a nod to you in my new blog post I’m uploading today 😀 . Always my style inspiration! Never let anyone or any saying make you feel as though you can’t do anything you want because anything is achieveable if you give it you’re all! Wishing you a positive journey with the changes you’re making lovely 🙂 .Ellie Xx

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