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  1. Haha food in general is quite expensive not to mention you have to learn to separate your clothing when putting them in the washing machine Candice |

  2. Abbie, I'm so glad it's not just me, all of these are so true! Especially the cheese one, I had to do exactly the same when I moved out in September! ?Hollie | Hollie Writes

  3. I'm very glad then to still have free access to the good cheese! Those little things you overlook but can really, majorly, impact the way you live your life (yes, I'm still talking about the cheese). And that having a lot of stuff thing is something I'm experiencing right now, and that without moving out! It's honestly ridiculous the amount of things that I decide to buy/keep/accumilate… Note to self: declutter before saying goodbye to the cheese. ;)Love,

  4. I've heard quite a few people that have moved out tell me that cheese is really expensive…I do not look forward to spending a fortune on that haha!Lucy | Forever September

  5. Utilize your vacuum to take away any sustenance particles in it Make a point to use the connection to achieve profound into the splits. Beste

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