I’ve never really been a wear it once then sell it on kind of girl, I love attempting to style items in various ways are truly get my cost per wear. I have a rule when buying things, that I have to be able to style it at least 3 different ways in order for it to be worth my money. 

When I saw this AMAZING Clueless inspired two-piece in Topshop, it was love at first sight, however, it’s so different to anything that I’ve owned or styled before, so I wanted to give myself a little style challenge and style this delightful little two-piece in 3 ways to give you some style inspiration and to ensure you truly utilise your wardrobe! 


It’s no surprise that there had to be a 60’s inspired outfit involved in this style challenge. Although two-pieces are quite 90;s inspired, I think when they’re styled in a certain way, it’s so easy to add that 60’s element however with a slight modern and on-trend twist. 

Wearing the two-piece together really adds a put together/sophisticated look, despite me being absolutely none of those things. I decided to ‘rock’ the outfit up a bit with a band t-shirt and some fishnet tights, just to personalise the look and make it look slightly more modern and edgy. Obviously, no outfit is complete without a hat and some sassy boots, so I’ve popped on one of my (many) trusted baker boy hats and some red suede boots that I got last year. 

Although you may think that red & purple are a clashing colour combination, there’s a very fine red thread running throughout the skirt and blazer, so I thought I’d add another pop of colour in, with the attempt to bring the red out, as red is by far one of my favourite colours to wear and I’m quite a big fan of a good old-fashioned colour clash! 


Co-ord: Skirt – Topshop, Blazer – Topshop


Purple has never been a colour that I’ve been drawn to, I think the co-ord is perhaps the first purple item that I’ve purchased (apart from shoes and bags.) However,  purple really compliments a lot of colours, obviously in this outfit I’ve gone very monochromatic with the white, grey and black. If you’re scared of colour, adding a bit of purple alongside your monochrome wardrobe is the easiest way to start introducing colour into your wardrobe. 

To add a Parisian element to this look, obviously, it was essential for me to add a beret, although they’re so simple, berets add such a cute element to any outfit, I pretty much never go anywhere without one on my head. The zip up jumper almost adds a sports luxe element, however, in my mind, this is a more of a 60’s touch more than anything. 


Co-ord: Skirt – TopshopBlazer – Topshop


I’m all about being comfortable and although I love looking stylish, sometimes comfort definitely comes before style in certain circumstances.  This outfit is perfect for when you’re not really doing anything but you want to look the part, or when you’re at a meeting or an event and don’t want to look as though you’re trying too hard, however, you’re still trying (does this make sense?) 

Straight leg jeans are my savior when it comes to wearing something comfortable. The Axyl jeans from Urban Outfitters are some of my favourites. They fit so nicely on the waist and have a cool frayed hem which just adds a modern ‘cool girl” touch to any outfit. The blazer just really pulls the entire look together and I’m eagerly awaiting the day to have a fancy meeting so that I can wear this look again! 


Co-ord: Skirt – TopshopBlazer – Topshop




  1. Beckie Porritt
    March 10, 2018 / 6:10 PM

    Your style is always impeccable and your photographs are too beaut! I really love both the jacket and the skirt and the way you styled them in different ways.Beckie // The Pale Tails

  2. Jessie-Ann Lewis
    March 11, 2018 / 9:22 AM

    No matter wha you wear you always look incredible! I've seen this two-piece a few times on instagram and it's so cute! xxJessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Emma Mason
    April 3, 2018 / 6:15 AM

    You look stunning, just wow, i really want an insight on your lifestyle. You look astonishing.

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