5 Positive Thoughts

It’s the first day of Spring (finally) so I thought I’d write about something positive and optimistic for the blossoming month ahead. I find that I’m easily brought down by negativity and can occasionally find myself stuck in a bit of a mental rut when I don’t see the positive side of things, so I thought I’d have a little Spring clean of my brain and focus on some positive thoughts and happenings that have occurred lately.

1. I’ve Begun Teaching Myself To Illustrate

Illustration is something I’ve wanted to get into for such a long time. I picked graphics as an A-Level, however, it was more about creating branding and boxes than it was Illustration. Therefore when I was having a bad day the other week, I decided to treat myself to an Ipad Pro and start teaching myself a new skill. For the past week, I’ve been spending my evenings trying to improve my illustrations, I’m slowly getting there. The above image is one of my favourites so far, but I’m hoping to perfect my style and be able to use the skill to create more engaging content for you all!

2. It’s 1 Month Until We Visit Berlin (Again)

For Christmas I planned a trip to Berlin for Vincent and I. It’s one of our favourite cities that we’ve visited over the past 3 years and we’ve always talked about how we wanted to go back. So I thought I’d surprise him with a trip! I’m so excited to get back there and explore the city further, so If you have any recommendations let me know, and if you want some recommendations if you’re visiting, I have my Berlin City Guide on my blog, you can check it out here

3. Our Apartment Is Taking Shape

It’s been just over a month since I moved out and I’m so happy with how the apartment is looking. It’s a slow process, however, it’s finally feeling like home. The Living Room is my favourite so far, It’s bright and open and filled with all of my favourite things from prints to plants. It’s a space that I feel so happy in and I’m enjoying living out of home a lot more than I could ever imagine. Although I miss my doggos dearly, gotta focus on the positives, right?

4. My Sisters Due Date Is 1 Month Away!

April is approaching SO quickly, which means my sister is soon to become a mother, which I’m so completely thrilled about and I’m so happy for her. It’s going to be such a huge change to the entire family, however, a change that is going to be so completely amazing. Also, a note to my Mum who is most likely reading this, you’re going to be a Grandma lol.

5. My Instagram Following Is Finally Growing

This seems like such a pathetic thing to be happy about, however, for so long my Instagram following just hasn’t moved. I will gain followers then lose them, and I was stuck on the same number for such a long time. Although numbers don’t particularly bother me, it can become frustrating when you’re really putting the effort in when it comes to your Instagram content and you’re getting nothing back at all. I don’t expect to be ‘Insta famous’ overnight and I’m not even sure I want that, but it’s just reassuring that the effort I’m putting in is finally paying off!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little blog post, Happy Spring and here’s to thinking positively!




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  1. Lucy Alice
    March 25, 2018 / 7:02 PM

    I'm off to Berlin next week and I'm so excited, as its the first time I will have visited the city!Lucy | Forever September

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