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  1. These are all great tips! I think sharing the love with other bloggers is the best way. It shows that you have an organic relationship with others in the community and beyond. It was quite exciting to see this year be the year of micro-bloggers, and I love that everyone was so supportive of one another.Cindy |

  2. Love these tips Abi! Totally agree that quality content is so important! xxLauren Rose Style:

  3. Super appreciate this little blog post – really useful so thank you! I love the idea of treating social media like an online portfolio too. I think I'm definitely going to continue to put in care to what I curate on the internet and make sure what I post serves a purpose. Yasmin xThe Sweet Seven Five

  4. Thank you for these tips! I'm actually starting a new Insta (despite all the blogger-hate) so any advice will go a long way! (As I'm definitely no expert on social media). Sharng the love is always important -treat others like you want to be treated- and, as you said, it's also nice to applaud people when they are absolutely killing it!Love,

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