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  1. A few years ago I think blogging definitely influenced my spending habits – all the youtube days of watching new drugstore products made me go out and just buy stuff lol. Same for clothes, I would buy it, wear it a couple of times and then felt bored cause the trend was moving on… These days as I need to save up to buy furniture (LOL) I am cutting down and plus, do I really need another sweater because I only have one body! I find it all a bit overwhelming when it comes to bloggers and new fashion trends – it feels like we have to 'succumb' or else risk being overlooked by businesses/brands who want to collaborate. On one hand it's great to keep your content up-to-date but on the other, the often pushy consumerist undertones is something I'm not comfortable with at all. Which is why I guess I write less about my outfit now, than about the context of it and just… life itself??? Cherie ✿

  2. I definitely feel like blogging has played a big part in my spending habits, especially with beauty but more recently fashion as well. I always see bloggers in gorgeous outfits on Instagram and I'm like, 'ooh, I need that' and just quickly hop online and order it. I really need to try and stop being so heavily influenced by bloggers, but its just so easy!Lucy | Forever September

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