Coffee is the foundation to so many people’s day-to-day life. We start our days with a cup of coffee to put a spring in our steps and prepare us for the day ahead. We meet with friends over a coffee, to laugh, to cry and to savor. It goes without saying that coffee has become a part of our lifestyles. For me personally, coffee is always a warm hug, when the Autumn chill settles in of a morning, coffee is what I reach for to warm me up from the inside. It can be so hard to find good coffee that isn’t a chore to make and tastes like a cup you’d get from your favourite coffee shop. 

However, Nespresso have officially changed the game for me. They’ve FINALLY opened a sparkly new Nespresso Boutique in Liverpool One, so now finding my perfect coffee for every moment has never been easier.  Despite Nespresso having 28 boutiques within the UK, the whole new concept has launched in Liverpool with the opening of Liverpool’s first Nespresso Boutique. 


The Liverpool Nespresso Boutique is the first of its kind. To me, the boutique felt like someone’s living/kitchen area. The colours were welcoming and the smell of delicious coffee instantly lures you in. You’re welcomed by Coffee Experts, who really know their coffee. I thought I was an expert after having previous experience working in coffee shops, however, I was proven wrong by the pure intelligence and passion of the Nespresso Coffee Experts. Despite the store feeling like a little hideaway in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, a lot more thought has gone into the details than you could ever imagine. For example, the store is as ethnically sustainable as they could possibly make it. The worktops are constructed out of used coffee grounds from Nespresso’s factory in Switzerland. I honestly love that Nespresso have really thought about this detail and it’s so important to me that brands become aware of sustainability in today’s world.

As you make your way through the boutique, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the selection of Nespresso machines on offer, it’s like a slice of pure heaven. There’s so many ranges and styles to choose from, whether you’re wanting a machine from the easy-to-use Original Line, or one of the new Vertuo machines – Which launched on 10th October may I add! – You’re sure to find whatever you desire.  

You then come across The Atelier Table, where you’re greeted by one of the incredible Nespresso Coffee Experts. This is your chance to really explore the ranges that Nespresso have to offer, as well as your chance to become a real coffee connoisseur. You can taste various coffee’s side by side and learn the art of picking out the flavours and learning how to understand your own taste preferences, whether you’re a fruity coffee lover or you’re more into your earthy flavours. This is a truly unique and enlightening experience. Personally, I’ve never thought about coffee like that, however, when you’re taught how to expertly taste coffee, it really opens your eyes (and tastebuds) to how truly spectacular coffee can be. I never knew you could have coffee so packed with flavour. 


To me, coffee is a luxury. It’s a moment when I can truly relax and just enjoy where I am, what I’m doing and how I’m feeling in that particular moment. Nespresso very kindly gifted me my very own Nespresso Essenza Mini. The machine is so sleek and compact and the second it arrived, I had it set up and ready to go within minutes. I wasted no time at all when it came to putting the machine to good use. I also received the Aeroccino Milk Frother, which I’m obsessed with. Didn’t think it was at all possible to generate an obsession with a Milk Frother, however, here we are. 

I’m personally more of a Cappuccino or Latte kind of girl,  although I love a good cup of coffee, I also have a massive sweet tooth, so I prefer a more creamy coffee, after all, coffee is a treat in my eyes! However, despite my creamy coffee ways, after being taught the ins-and-outs of coffee tasting in store, I have been enjoying the simplicity of a double espresso – I know, crazy right!? 

The Essenza Mini is honestly so simple to use when it comes to good coffee, I think there’s usually a stigma that you have to put it a lot of work to get good results, especially at home. However, this really isn’t the case with Nespresso, with just a click of a button your coffee is poured and your milk is frothed to perfection. 


Now that I’m able to receive quality coffee with the press of a button, I’ve been delving into discovering which coffee is my favourite. As I said previously, I’m more of a coffee with milk kind of girl. Therefore, I’ve been trying to find the perfect espresso for my Cappuccino’s and Lattes, my favourite coffee so far has been one from the current limited edition range, which is the BARISTA Scuro coffee. This coffee is crafted to be drunk with milk, it’s a coffee inspired by Baristas’ craftsmanship in mastering the harmony of coffee with milk. It’s an intense, dark macchiato espresso, which honestly, I never thought that I would opt for, however, when combined with frothed milk, I can’t even describe how perfect the combination is. Although I’m yet to try the full Nespresso range – Which I’ve now made my life goal! – I’m sure at some point I’ll have so more favourites and taste sensations to come. 

My Nespresso experience has been life-changing, to say the least. The whole boutique experience is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It feels welcoming, warm and special. The Coffee Experts really care about their coffee and their knowledge is outstanding. If you want to have your own Nespresso experience, there’s now 28 Nespresso boutiques in the U.K and Ireland. As well as 2 Nespresso cafe’s in London. To find a boutique near you visit www.nespresso.com 




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