You probably know by now, this girl loves her food and her music. If I’m not eating, I’m listening to music and if I’m not listening to music, well then I’m eating. So when Bill’s invited me to join them for an evening of delicious food and live music, the only answer was YES! Bill’s is one of my favourite Restaurants, the food is incredible, there’s always a good atmosphere and I love how it feels like a independent farm style restaurant and not a chain restaurant. It really has that homely feel to it. 

 You may have seen the Bill’s Summer Of Music events popping up around the UK over the past few months, customers can wine and dine themselves with seasonal dishes whilst enjoying live acoustic music from some seriously talented local artists. The Bill’s Summer menu is perfect for everyone. I’m a vegetarian and there was so much choice, my boyfriend and I where so impressed by the menu choices and it took us SO long to finally decided what we wanted to eat. Here’s what we got stuck into during the evening of booze, boogies and belly rubs! 


The Bill’s Summer menu is honestly one of the best menus I’ve ever had to choose from. There’s so much choice, however, the way the menu is laid out, makes it really easy to find a meal to suit your fancy. As a long time lover of Bill’s me and Vincent when for some Tortillas and dips to start, mostly so we have more time to pick what we wanted for our mains. The tortillas are amazing, they’ve got cheese and seasoning roasted into them, we get them every-time we visit as they’re incredible. 

For mains, I went with a trusted Halloumi and Roasted Pepper Humous burger, with a side of Mac and Cheese. The burger and the Macaroni where the two main dishes that I was flipping coins over, however when I realised you could get Mac and Cheese as a side, I was the happiest girl in there. This girl loves her cheese after all. 

We’d completely stuffed our faces without a shadow of a doubt, so although BIll’s had a dreamy desserts menu, there’s brownies, sticky toffee pudding and fruit crumble, which are amongst some of my favourite desserts. However, my tummy was ready to pop and so was the button on my jeans, so we went for some simple vanilla ice-cream which really hit the spot in terms of my sweet tooth. 


Personally, I love a bit of live music whilst I’m at a restaurant. It makes the experience so much more interesting and memorable, it’s something a little different than your usual Spotify restaurant playlist. My boyfriend and I were swaying whilst we indulge in delicious food,  basically attempting to burn off the calories whilst we were eating. The performances were incredible, true talent that deserves a voice and a venue, so it’s amazing that Bill’s is giving young, local and up and coming artists a chance to showcase their talent in such an intimate way. 



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  1. Steph Hartley
    August 21, 2017 / 12:59 PM

    I LOVE Bills, but haven't managed to make it to one this summer (there's still a little time though!). I totally get what you mean about the feel of the place – it definitely has a bit of an indie vibe!Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

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