It’s so completely bizarre to be writing this, I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for 4 years. In ways it feels like I’ve been blogging for 5 minutes and in ways it feels like I’ve been blogging my entire life, however, the impact that my little space on the internet has had on my life has me in complete and utter disbelief.  I thought we’d get all sentimental to celebrate, sort of like when you have your best friend round for a drink and a catch up and you end up crying whilst you reminisce and plan your future. In my eyes, anyone who reads my internet ramblings is like a friend, as completely cliche and cringey as it sounds, but you’re taking the time to come here, so I always ensure it’s worth your while. 

So, let’s get deep and emosh! Honestly, all of these amazing things wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the people who read my blog and follow me on my social platforms. Probably going to cry whilst writing this, so just imagine little me sat in my room, trying to cry silently whilst my family sleeps. Yep, such a picture, isn’t it? 


Let’s just take a little trip down memory lane to when I started blogging. I was 17, crippled by anxiety, didn’t go out much or have many friends and I was studying Film in college, after dropping out of my A-levels 1 year in due to a teacher practically bullying me and insuring that every lesson I was reminded about how worthless I was (Yeah, a teacher!) I did pass my AS levels with all A’s and B’s, which was a huge surprise, however at this point in my life, I was very unhappy to say the least. 

At this point in time, I started my blog because I wanted to go into Journalism at University, I’d always loved reading at writing as a child and throughout school, so it only made sense for Journalism to be the degree for me. However, it was one of my mum’s friends who suggested starting a blog, probably because the roots of my shopping addiction where beginning to show and well, I had nothing else to do really. So, exactly 4 years ago today, I started my blog with a ‘July Favourites’ blog post and 4 years later here I am…still! 



I can’t begin to explain some of the amazing opportunities that blogging has welcomed into my life. When I started blogging (although EVERYONE says this) I honestly never expected anything to come of it and I definitely didn’t expect to still be doing it after 4 years! – There’s seriously no stopping me now! 

1. Friendship 

Like I said, when I started blogging, I was in quite a lonely place. Didn’t go out much, didn’t have many friends and was just really shy and reserved. Over the past 2 years especially, blogging has brought so many amazing people into my life. The blogging community here in Liverpool is honestly incredible and seeing it grow makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I now have a best friend (which I don’t think I’ve had since I was about 11 or 12) and a bunch of girls (and Craig) that I love dearly, and honestly wouldn’t change for the world! 

2. British Style Collective 

Last month I was one of the blogging ambassadors for the British Style Collective. A massive pinch me moment for sure, and it continues to baffle me on why I was chosen pretty much every day. To be involved with such a big organisation and having the opportunity to speak on a Fashion panel, is still something my brain can’t comprehend. So, thank you! 

3. Brand Collaborations 

Brand collaborations where something that I thought would NEVER happen. When I started my blog, you where either a big shot or you where nothing – Or so it felt that way! However, over the past few years, smaller bloggers and bloggers who are giving a voice to unheard niches are receiving the opportunities to work with some amazing brands. The amount of effort that goes into running a blog and a bunch of social platforms is finally getting some recognition. It’s not always about followers, it’s about dedication and content and I’m so happy the world is finally seeing that side of blogging. 

4. Confidence 

Believe it or not, it actually took me nearly 2 years to attend a Liverpool blogging event. The fear was overwhelming and there was no way my anxiety would let me have this one. However, I feel as though my blog has been a massive aid to who I am today. Although I still suffer with anxiety, now I can actually talk to people and I’m becoming more comfortable with who I am. 


I honestly cannot thank my readers enough. It’s absolutely crazy seeing the numbers grow and being able to have a space on the internet where I can be creative and share my thoughts and feelings about fashion, beauty and life and to not feel as though everything I say and feel is completely redundant. I still remember that day that I got my first comment on a blog post. Although you can see the numbers of readers and post views, that comment made me realise that people where actually reading my internet ramblings. 

So, here’s to 4 more years (I feel like Barack Obama saying that) But here’s to more fashion and beauty ramblings and more adventures. I’ve never felt to honoured to be a blogger and it honestly means the world that anyone reads my blog – I’ve said that about 100 times in this post, haven’t I? 




  • Jennifer Frank
    August 5, 2017

    Yayyy congrats on the four years lovely. I've only just discovered your blog a couple of weeks back and I love coming to visit and lusting after your outfits and it's so nice to hear how far you've came as a blogger! Jen, Velvet Spring x

  • Allie Davies
    August 5, 2017

    Oh Abbie! Congratulations girl, you're doing amazing and we're all so, so proud of you. Love the (and Craig) bit, made me howl.Tie dye eyes blog

  • Princ3ssJasmin3
    August 6, 2017

    Congratulations on 4 years! My little blog will be 4 next April already and I can't believe it! It's unreal the amount of confidence I have gained, like yourself, and the new friendships I have formed mean the world! Love this little soppy post hah! xxJasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

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