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  1. I'm a huge believer that you don't have to plan further than what you have to. I changed careers after getting two degrees in a subject, working for 4 years and realising it just wasn't for me. If you told me that when I left my undergraduate degree I wouldn't have believed you. I think life has a funny way of making sure you get to where you're supposed to be so don't be stressed :)xoxoJThe Crown Wings

  2. I AM SO PROUD YOU HAVE NO IDEA! See you tomorrow to finally hand over your graduation present!LYSMBITCHIN'BLONDE

  3. Great post Abbie! So many people will be feeling like this too, I did when I finished Uni, so take comfort in that! The future is long & wide open to you, so don't rush or feel like everything has to be figured out! Best of luck with whatever comes your way! x

  4. This is a really insightful post. Congratulations on your degree, and hopefully see you around Manchester soon! xxx

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