As my Glastonbury blues slowly begins to drift away, it’s time to talk about it and share some photos from the magical weekend. I love festivals, however with all the fun and freedom, I am usually riddled with anxiety, however, this year was my 3rd year at the festival and by far the best year yet. One to tell the grandkids and what not. So here’s some of my favourtie moments from Glastonbury captured on the novelty that is a disposable camera (which I got my whole group into this year!) There’s just something about the way film photographs look and how a physical photo is much more precious that an iPhone snap. I’ve got a brain like a siv, but at least I’ve got the photographs to show the incredible memories shared. 


This year, I really made a conscious effort to explore more than I had done in previous years at the festival. You’re probably thinking I’ve just sat in the tent the past 3 years, but it’s all about those little baby steps when you’re like me and can let your mental health get the best of you in these types of situations. But, this blog post isn’t about mental health, it’s about the bloody amazing time I had at Glastonbury.  Here’s some of my highlights, from the places to the food, and of course, the music. 


– Foo Fighters 

I’m partial to loving a bit of Foo Fighters, however, I’ve never considered myself a massive Foo Fighters fan. However, after seeing them at Glastonbury I’m sold. Seriously my biggest Glastonbury highlight. Dave Grohl is such an amazing showman, amazing musician and simply a pleasure to watch. I really didn’t want it to end. 

– Radiohead 

Radiohead are a band that I’ve been wanting to see for as long as I can remember. As soon as they announced they were playing Glastonbury, I couldn’t wait to see them live for the first time. Although in comparison to Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters put on a lot more of a show. I love that Radiohead just came on and simply played music, they did what they’re best at and I will remember it forever! (Even though I was FREEZING whilst I was watching them!) 

– Metronomy 

We went to see Metronomy on the last night and it was such an amazing ending to an incredible weekend. Everyone in the John Peel tent was dancing and just enjoying themselves. Even though I nearly got elbowed in the face about 47 times by a very excitable and eccentric dancing bloke, I had an absolute ball. Metronomy are one of my favourite bands and I felt so proud to see them headline the John Peel Stage on the Sunday. 


– Visiting Strummerville 

Usually at Glastonbury, after the headliners I’m wanting to chill around the camp and then get some sleep. Cause when I’m tired, I basically turn into a toddler. However this year I was addamnt to get out there and find places I liked of an evening. I’m really not into Shang-Larah, it’s just not my scene. So when we visited Strummerville, which is hidden at the top of the hill near the stone circle, I was so happy. It’s hidden within the tree’s and it’s so chilled out and fun, you can have a dance, have a chat and eat some food. I loved it so much I bought a t-shirt! 

– Sunshine! 

Can you beleive I didn’t have to waer my wellies at Glastonbury? Because I just about can. The sunshine was such a surprise this year, mostly because I was preparing for the rain. Even though at some points it was a little too hot. It was nice to not have to trek around wearing 101 layers and a raincoat. 

– Good Company

This years Glastonbury was made purely because of the people we went with. I went with my boyfriend, some of his siblings, family and some friends. I get on so well with my boyfriends siblings, which literally makes me so happy! Good company can really make or break a festival and this year I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

I hope you all enjoyed my little insight into Glastonbury 2017. Until next time, Glastonbury! 




  1. Candice Petersen
    July 10, 2017 / 10:23 AM

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photosBeauty Candy Loves 

  2. Fashioned by Pluche
    July 10, 2017 / 12:59 PM

    Love the pictures! There's something so pure and nostalgic about 'real' pictures… *sigh* I've never been to a festival, but this makes me want to take a look into it (I mean, happy faces on nostalgic pictures are very convincing). I love the Foo Fighters and Radiohead! I've never heard of Metronomy so I'll be sure to give them a listen on Spotify!Love,

  3. Natasha
    July 10, 2017 / 4:02 PM

    Ahh this is a great post, it's making me feel emotional just thinking about how good Glastonbury was haha! I love your photos, disposable cameras are definitely the way forward for Festivals! I'm definitely going to try and check out strummerville next time as I 100% agree with you about Shangra-la. I loved how amazing it looked aesthetically (the waterfall cave was gorgeous) in there but the constant drum&bass/acid house music everywhere gets too much after a while. Great read lovely!! 🙂 xxTash |

  4. Jessi Milton
    July 10, 2017 / 10:16 PM

    The Strummerville place sounds amazing. And yes, I still love to print pictures out too!

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