The past few months have been very stressful indeed and a holiday has never been more needed. There’s nothing I love more than searching for my next holiday destination and of course, trying to find the perfect outfits to accompany you on your travels. I mean, you’ve got to get some good Instagram snaps looking hot as hell in your holiday finds, right? As sad as that sounds, it’s true when you have a summer wardrobe that you feel comfortable and confident in, you inevitably enjoy yourself more and that’s what holidays are all about! 

I recently popped over to Very HQ to attended another one of their lovely press days and with Summer at our fingertips, it was time to start getting my holiday wardrobe sorted and now thanks to Very, there definitely won’t be a problem with me doing so! Very is one of those websites that I can scroll on for what feels like 10 minutes, but really 3 hours has gone past and I haven’t done anything I was suppose to. There’s so much choice on the Very website, it truly overwhelmed me. However, after attending the event, I’ve got my eye on a few pieces that are for sure going to be stand out items in my Summer holiday wardrobe. 


1. Straw Hat 

Straw hats are seriously having their moment right now, especially slogan straw hats. They just add a fun element to your holiday look and of course, they’re just so cute. When it comes to soaking up the sun, it’s always important to protect yourself. Not to go all Grandma Abigail on you now, but although the sun feels great, those UV rays can damage your skin if you don’t protect it. Therefore a hat to protect your head/face, and chest from the sun will do you the world of good. And hey, at least you’ll look like a movie star, hiding away in your straw hat! 

2. Bright Swimsuit 
I love Swimsuits! Personally I treat Summer holidays as a time where I can let myself go. If I want to eat a block of cheese, I will. So even though I’ve worked hard on my Bikini Bod, sometimes it’s nice to give myself the day off and pop on a Swimsuit for some piece of mind. I’m in love with this electric blue swimsuit, it’s such a beautiful colour. The design is stunning also, you’ve got the ruffle trend incorporated and you could definitely get away with it as a top for when you’re strolling around the paradise towns. Very have an amazing variety of Swimwear at the minute, no matter what your style, shape or size is, you’re bound to find something to suit you! 

3. Straw Basket/Beach Bag 
The Basket bag trend is one that I am so onboard with. I love how the hightstreet and online stores are adding their modern takes on the classic basket bag. Basket bags make perfect beach bags, for those days when you want to go on a little adventure and take all your essentials with you for the day, basket bags are PERFECT! It’s definitely a trend that may not be to everyones taste however I’m loving the olHollywoodod vibes that it adds to an outfit. I feel as though I’m walking the streets of Paris in the 20’s whenever I sport my basket bag. 

4. Distressed Denim 
Denim is a huge essential in my everyday wardrobe. I own an uncountable amount of denim that I wear all year round, however sometimes it’s nice to shake it up a little for the warmer months, or whilst you’re on your jolly hols. I love distressed denim and how it adds instant ‘Cool LA Girl’ to any outfit. Distressed denim is perfect paired with a swimsuit or a bikini top and of course, you can wear them of an evening too, super versatile! 





  1. Alice Red
    May 21, 2017 / 3:38 PM

    I love distressed denim! It was so lovely to meet you at the event, you got some great pictures!

  2. Natasha
    May 22, 2017 / 11:32 AM

    Ahh this is a cool event to go to, Very have so many amazing pieces on their site! Love the straw hat, I really want one for my summer wardrobe!! xxTash |

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