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The Spring/Summer transitional period is probably one of the most annoying season changes of them all – When’s it acceptable to change those jeans for shorts and those ankle boots for sandals? and the biggest question of them all “Can I style the Spring trends in Summer?” The answers – for me anyway – is a massive YES! Over the past year or two, my personal style has flourished and I’ve never felt more myself in what I wear, however, I still have the whole Spring/Summer trouble no matter how many clothes I own. 

For me personally, dressing in the Autumn and Winter is pure bliss, it’s all about the jumpers and the ankle boots and just being as cosy and comfortable and humanly possible! However, when it comes to Spring and especially Summer, I feel as though I lose my ‘Style Mojo’ a little bit and fall into a style rut! This just isn’t ideal, obviously, I can’t spend the Spring/Summer days wearing my Winter attire, so with the help of Chums, here’s how to nail your transitional wardrobe this season!

Over the past 2 years, I’ve really been getting into colour, which has inevitably made my Spring and Summer wardrobe a lot easier to style up in this awkward time within the seasons. Here’s some top tips that I’ve been living by when creating my Spring/Summer looks recently, as well as some tips from the lovely guys at Chums, at how you can ensure that your Spring/Summer wardrobe is stylish yet comfortable – I know, who’d of thought you can do both? But you can! 


The thing that always seems to frustrate me about the Spring and Summer months is that there’s different trends for each season, and they’re not exactly the longest seasons here in the UK, so investing in the trends when the change so quickly can sometimes just be a waste of money, to say the least. I always find that having good, transitional pieces in your wardrobe will do you the world of good when putting together your Spring/Summer outfits, you can then mix and max the basics and accessories them in various ways to achieve your desired look. 

I’ve actually really been into the Spring/Summer trends this year, so I have been investing in a few, as they seem to be the trends that are coming back full circle each year. One of the trends, in particular is Gingham. Yep, that’s right, dressing like a picnic blanket it fashionable, and I seriously love it! Although I love adding a bit of colour to my outfit, Gingham is the perfect foundation for doing just that, it looks great with bright colours, such as red and pastel colours like pink, grey and blue. It’s such a surprisingly easy trend to get on board with. This year there’s been so many variations of the Gingham trend, I’ve seen Gingham shoes, dresses, tops, blazers and even Gingham cotton trousers, it’s amazing to have such an option, so everyone can have their individual take on the trend. 

A good tip is to mix the trends in with items in your wardrobe that you already know nad trust,  that way you won’t feel as though you’re stepping out of your comfort zone too much, however you can still participate in the fun and fresh trends that have been taking over the high street this season. 

I love how belts can completely change an outfit and make it that little bit more flattering. I personally wear a lot of oversized clothes, simply because I love being comfortable, however, that isn’t always the most flattering option for my child-like figure. So adding a belt just helps to really transform a look, whether you want to make an outfit more figure hugging, or you want to add an edge to your look, a belt if an easy and fool proof way to do it! I’ve added this Western Belt to my Gingham Bardot Dress, just to make the outfit a little bit more interesting, I love the detail on the Western Belt and I love clashing together a super girly dress, with something a little bit more Rock n’ Roll! 



A plain white tee is an actual wardrobe LIFE SAVER! Whenever I’m not too sure on what to wear, I pop on a plain white tee. Although a plain t-shirt might be considered ‘boring’ and ‘safe’ in the world of fashion, that’s why I love it. There’s so many ways you can wear a plain tee, it just adds effortless ‘cool girl vibes’ to every outfit and it’s perfect for those awkward Spring/Summer days when you’re not too sure what you should be wearing. 


Denim takes over about 70% of my wardrobe, I love it. Whether it’s a denim skirt, jacket or jeans, you can just never go wrong with incorporating a bit (or a lot) of denim into your wardrobe. Denim is completely timeless to me, it never goes out of style and it always looks good from sunny days, to nights out Denim will treat you right. I have this oversized vintage denim Levi Jacket that I’ve had for about 6 years now and to this day it’s my most worn and trustworthy item in my wardrobe. 


Cottonn trousers & Cigarette trousers are a brilliant alternative to denim and a good choice on those warm, but windy Spring/Summer days. I love styling some cropped cotton cigarette trousers with a slogan tee and a denim jacket, it’s comfortable, practical and it still looks good. Trousers instantly add  a sophisticated vibe to my everyday looks, however, when styled in a certain way, they’re perfect for day-to-day wear. 


Loafers are another timeless wardrobe piece that you just can’t go wrong with. I’ve loved loafers since I first started dressing myself, I’ve always loved channeling those Granny-Chic vibes and I’m so happy that loafers are now more popular than they’ve probably ever been before. You can now get amazing loafers on the high street, in a wide range of colours and styles, it’s really not hard to find a pair of loafers that will do you some justice.  This season I’ve been loving red, so when I found these bright red paintent loafers, it was love at first sight! 

Thank you so much for Chums for sponsoring this post, I’ve had so much fun discoering how to make the most of my Spring/Summer transitional wardrobe and they’ve provided me with some amazing tips and tricks to get me feeling more positive about my style! 

What are your transitional wardrobe saviors? 




  1. Natalie Leanne
    May 12, 2017 / 12:59 PM

    Love this outfit! You look beautiful 🙂

  2. Emma Copland
    May 13, 2017 / 8:18 AM

    I always feel the same about my style when it gets to Spring/Summer, I much prefer dressing for the colder months! Love the tips and definitely agree with your wardrobe must-haves. Gorgeous photos!

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