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  1. Great tips :)! This is what kept me going through my final year too <3xx

  2. I have never related to a blog post so much! I too am currently in the pit of hell that is final year and I hand my dissertation in on Friday ahhh! A lot of your advice is what I follow too especially looking at the bigger picture knowing that 1) it's all going to work out and 2) it'll be worth it in the end. Thank you for making a BP so relavent at this stressful time!Marbl☾☽Moon

  3. Im in the exact same boat at the moment! Final year is killing me haha great tips you've got here though :Dxx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  4. Taking a weekend off or finding a creative outlet can break the cycle of negative hormones. If you can consistently find a way to "forget your worries," you will soon create an addiction to the peaceful feeling you have when taking time out for yourself. har vokse reviews

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