I can’t describe how happy I am that Spring is finally on the horizon, the colder months seem to have lingered for a lot longer than usual this year, although I love Autumn & Winter, I am more than ready to feel the sun on my face and change up my wardrobe for the warmer months. Although it’s not quite warm enough to show off those legs and embrace the sunshine, I’ve been thinking about the details when it comes to my outfits and incorporating some dainty and simply beautiful jewellery pieces from Thomas Sabo into my day-to-day wear. 

I find that adding a touch of sparkle and colour to my outfit with their beautiful Silver Necklaces For Women and Silver Bracelets For Women can subtly change the look and make it feel a little bit more refreshed and glamorous. I’ve put together a Spring inspired outfit involving some on-trend accessories to freshen up your everyday outfits for Spring and of course, to show off these utterly versatile jewellery pieces from Thomas Sabo. 


I definitely gravitate towards jewellery that is dainty and delicate, I think pieces like that just add a subtle bit of femininity and elegance to an outfit, whether it be for running errands or dolling yourself up for a fancy event. Thomas Sabo have a really great collection of pieces no matter what your preference may be. Some of their collections are truly rock and roll inspired, which I think is so cool and on trend at the minute.The Rebel at Heart collection is unisex and is tailored towards those who want that edgy and rock glam appeal. This particular collection was inspired by designs crafted from Blackened 925 Sterling Silver, combined with masculine materials such as leather and black synthetic zirconia to create a rough rock and roll, rock glam appeal. 

Another collection that I love is the Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul collection. This collection is truly my taste in jewellery, it’s inspired by Boho-Chic, however, it’s combined with glamorous elegance and is tailored to appeal to every women, no matter what their style may be. I find that this collection is really versatile, which Is a massive benefit if you’re like me and want some truly beautiful pieces that are unique and can be worn with every outfit, no matter what the occasion may be. 

With their several collections that cater for both men and women, various age groups and styles, it’s more than easy to find a piece that is beautiful crafted and fits in perfectly with your personal style. The Thomas Sabo designs really go the extra mile, from dainty everyday pieces to bold statement jewellery, the brand really thrives upon personal style and ensuring that each design is truly unique. 


Both of the pieces that I selected are from the Glam & Soul collection, already I’ve been wearing them with pretty much every outfit possible. Whether it be a simple jeans and a t-shirt combination or some evening attire, I’m absolutely loving discovering how truly versatile these pieces are with the entirety of my wardrobe.  The bracelet and the necklace are quite different to one another however, I think they work so well together. This is another thing I love about the Thomas Sabo ranges, despite each collection being completely unique, each collection somehow works so well together, so you can truly fuse your favourite style together. 

The Silver Necklace is the perfect gift for a loved one, with ‘Together Forever’ engraved into one of the interlocking rings,  it’s definitely all in the detail.  A lot of necklaces that I own that are dainty really lack with the details and there’s nothing particularly special about them, however, this necklace has been a game changer and I’ve had so many people admiring the detail of it, the way that the zirconia pavé white stones glimmer in the sunlight is seriously breathtaking, it quite literally brightens up an outfit in the Springtime sun. 

The Bracelet really plays upon the Boho-chic vibes of the Glam & Soul collection. Similarly to The Rebel at Heart collection,  the blackened silver adds an almost edgy antique appeal to the bracelet. However, with the intricate bracelet details such as the silver feather and turquoise stones create that Boho vibe, this bracelet seriously screams festival season. 


The weather in the UK has been horrific recently, it’s had everyone and anyone wishing from the Spring sun to make an appearance. It’s made a speedy appearance, therefore I jumped on the opportunity to whip out the spring attire and accessories with my beautiful new Thomas Sabo pieces. I wanted to personify the whole ‘Girl About Town’ vibes with a super chic but fun look. I wanted the break the rules of the association with Thomas Sabo being for the glamour gals and create a look that is perfect for day-to-day. 

“Items of jewellery represent the most intimate, human feelings: it is love, personal happiness and those special moments in life that we find reflected in an item of jewellery, wishing to wear them very close to us.” 

Susanne Kölbli – Thomas Sabo Creative Director 


– Silver necklaces for Women

– Silver bracelets for women



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  1. Yiotou_La
    March 16, 2017 / 5:43 AM

    Love the embroidered detail of the shirt, so pretty. I am obsessed with anything embroidered at the moment, everything looks so beautiful :)YiotaPinkDaisyLoves

  2. Layla Rosita
    March 19, 2017 / 9:06 PM

    I'm so over these colder winter days! I can't wait for spring to arrive and feel some sun on my skin! You look radiant cutie, that shirt is veryyyy pretty! xoxo, Layla Rosita |

  3. Crence
    March 20, 2017 / 6:04 AM

    This style is so cute! Going to try and do it on my own article. You will like to see more fun from here.

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