Surprise, surprise, I’m pale as hell which I actually don’t mind, however, now that the Winter seems to be lingering around like an annoying drunk friend, I’ve been attempting to get my Summer complexion on. Which means, going to town with the bronzers. Not going to lie, I used to think that bronzer and contour were the same, however, nope I was wrong. Bronzer is to warm up the skin and contour is to sculpt out those cheekbones. Yep, that’s right, groundbreaking information right here. 

If you’re a pale guy or gal like myself, you’ll know that bronzers can be quite tricky. They’re either too warm toned and appear orange and really harsh on the skin, or you’ve gone for something a little too ash tones to the point where it looks a little muddy and just doesn’t look naturally sunkissed what-so-ever. So, here are 4 bronzers that are perfect for us pale girls, and surprise, most of them are actually from the drugstore/ high street! Also, the majority of these bronzers come in different tones and shades, so if you’re blessed with beautiful bronzed skin already, I’m sure they’ll have colours to match your skin tone too! 


This bronzer was one that I’ve recently dug back out and felt really guilty for not using it for so long. This stuff is amazing, to say the least. It’s basically a contour and bronze duo. There’s a lighter slightly shimmery shade and a darker/ ash matte shade, however, I simply swirl my brush into both shades and brush it over my face. It creates such a beautiful radiant, yet natural bronze look. It adds the perfect amount of warmth and works really well with contour shades. There’s nothing more satisfying (I’m sure there is like) when your contour and your bronzer just blend together so seamlessly and beautifully. This bronzer is so worth the money, however, they don’t have any shade variations. So, if you’re pale but have a yellow/olive undertone to your skin it may not work as well as it does on my pink undertoned skin. Considering that it’s from the high street, it’s definitely worth a try! 



First and foremost, this bronzer is a lot more warm toned than any of the other mentioned in this post. So if you have yellow toned skin or just generally prefer a warm toned bronzer, then this is for you. This bronzer is completely matte, therefore, I find the combination of the warmness and the matte finish to compliment each other quite nicely. Sometimes, you can get bronzers that look pale, however, they’re SO warm toned on the skin and SO shimmery, it just looks a little OTT on pale skin, in my opinion anyways. You could probably get away with using this as a bit of a blusher with it being a little bit warmer. 



This is the most expensive bronzer mentioned, however, my god is it worth it. This powder is so finely milled and easy to blend, you pretty much cannot go wrong with it. I use this when I just cannot be bothered contouring and bronzing if I’m honest. It’s slightly on the more ash toned side, however, due to the fact that it’s such a fine powder, you don’t get that muddy look as it just blends into the skin so seamlessly. Although the bronzer is easy to blend, the pigmentation is still as strong as ever.  Obviously, Too Faced have the best packaging around, I find this bronzer packaging the strudiest out of pretty much any I own so, it comes in handy for traveling, or doing my makeup on the train. With this bronzer, although it’s not the cheapest, you definitley pay for both the quality of the product and the packaging. 


(SHADE: 01)

Not going to lie, I’ve had this bronzer for A LONG time and as you can see, it’s well and truly been loved. It’s at that point where the packaing looks completley gruby, however, I just cannot bring myself to get rid of such an amazing bronzer, it would be a complete waste/ The Body Shop Honey Bronzers are incredible. They have such a buttery and easy to blend formula, as well as such a wide range of shades – They’re perfect for most skin tones, nevermind just us pale guys and gals. The shade I have is the palest, it admitidly looks a little too pale in the pan, however, it still works so well on the skin to add a natural warmth. The formula of this is so great I’ve even used it as a transition eyeshadow colour for creating my beloved warm toned eyeshadow looks. This bronzer is incredible considering it’s price. If you’re wanting to try a new bronzer without having to break the bank, I think this may just be the one for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Whate are you favourite bronzers?





  • Courtney Gardiner
    February 13, 2017

    I use soap and glory solar powder everyday, it's the only bronzer i've found to work perfect for my pale skin and if I can't be bothered to find a contour powder I just use it for that too, I literally use the stuff all over like setting powder just to try and make myself look a little more un-death like Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

  • Candice Petersen
    February 13, 2017

    The Too faced bronzer looks awesomeCandice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Lucy Alice
    February 13, 2017

    I'm soo pale, so I'm very glad you made this post as I'm always wondering which bronzers would be best for me. I love the soap & glory solar powder, one of my faves and I also love the benefit hoola bronzer!Lucy | Forever September

  • Megan Jean
    February 17, 2017

    I'm a huge fan of the Soap & Glory and Too Faced bronzers, especially for when I'm not fake tanned. They're just the perfect shades for us pale girls! Plus the Too Faced one smells divine. xMegan |

  • Harper michach
    February 25, 2017

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