When life gives you lemons you should squeeze them into a cocktail, and what better way to enjoy a cocktail than in good company, high spirits and a wonderful location. Recently I was invited to The Alchemist in Liverpool to be wined and dined (more like cocktail-ed and dined) and to enjoy an evening in the beautiful surroundings and lighthearted atmosphere.  The Alchemist in Liverpool is fairly new and is located on Brunswick Street, just off Castle Street, therefore it’s a perfect location for a chilled night out, hidden away from the hustle of the nightclubs and shopping facilities. I love this area of town, so now that one of my favourite bars has set up shop in this area, I couldn’t be happier. 

This was my first time visiting this particular Alchemist, I had only ever visited their Manchester and London venues, however, this one certainly didn’t disappoint. The decor is spot on, the staff are absolutely lovely and accommodating and I FINALLY was given the opportunity to eat there.  Not going to lie, I do forget that they have food on offer and usually associate it with it being ‘bar food’ however, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here’s what I thought of my experience at The Alchemist! 


The cocktail menu at The Alchemist is absolutely outstanding. I’m a massive gin lover and usually opt for any cocktails involving gin and fruit, which is quite specific, so usually there’s only one cocktail on a normal bar menu that would tickle my fancy, however, that really wasn’t the case during my time at The Alchimest, I was spoilt for choice with the Gin cocktails.  

The first cocktail that I tried was called The Ballbreaker which I’d actually tried before as It’s one of my favourite cocktails ever. That may be a bold statement to make, however, It’s everything I could ever want in a cocktail. It consists of Tanquery Gin, Broittet Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Juice and a blackcurrant ball to pop. The only way I can describe this cocktail is that it taste of zesty sherbet, it’s fruity but it’s got a bitter lemon kick. I personally love anything zesty, but I like how the cocktail is balanced with the sweetness and lightness of the pink grapefruit. 

The second Gin cocktail I tried was the Grapefruit and Apricot Martini. Although I’m usually up for something a little more zesty, this cocktail certainly went down a treat. The flavours were so light and subtle, it wasn’t too sweet and it wasn’t too bitter, it was very well balanced overall. The cocktail consisted of Tanquery Gin, Broittet Apricot and grapefruit. Very simple ingredients, however the flavour incredible. 

My boyfriend is a Rum lover, therefore his cocktail choices were selected upon his desired spirit. The cocktail that he selected was called The Dead Red Zombie sounds pretty scary not going to lie, however, I did try a bit and it was really not what I expected. The cocktail was actually quite fruity, almost like a smoothie. The cocktail consisted of Bacardi, Wray & Nephew, Grand Mariner, Lime, Pineapple, Cranberry, Zombie Mix and Smoke. A very complex sounding cocktail, it’s one of the more expensive cocktails on the menu, however, with all the effort that goes into it, it’s definitely worth it. 


Firstly, I just want to appreciate the food menu at The Alchemist. There’s SO much to choose from and the actual variation in food is oustanding. If you wanted to visit with family, or a group of friends but they all fancied something different, then this is the place to go. There’s mexican inspired dishes, Japanese/Asian inspired dishes and you’re usual steak and fish & chips. You really can’t go wrong. 

For the starters I went for Cheese Nachos and Vincent went for Lemon Chilli Squid. The Nachos were really good, the portion size was perfect for me personally and I liked how the presentation was a little different from what I’d normally expect a plate of nachos to look like. Being a huge cheese lover, I hate it when nachos have all the cheese in one area, however, every single nacho chip had it’s own topping of cheese, therefore you can imagine that I was pretty excited about that! Vincent said is Lemon Chilli Squid was “The best starter he’d ever had” so, the Lemon Chilli Squid is highly reccomended by him. 


I was completely spoilt for choice when it came to the mains, once again, the menu has so much to select from, which is amazing, but also left me feeling super greedy because I wanted most of the items on the menus. The menu is great for both meat eaters and vegetarins. The menu actuslly has options for Quorn, which completely blows my mind as I’ve never seen Quorn on a resturaunt menu before! I love how vegetarians can have ramen, curry and fajitas without having to have it all completley loaded with mushrooms, which Is great because I’m really not a fan of mushrooms. It just gives the option for a meat replacment without actually feeling as though you’re cutting it out. 

Vincent obviously went for steak accompanied by fries and peppercorn sauce. I obviously pinched a chip and dipped it into the peppercorn sauce to try it out, and not going to lie, but it was the nicest peppercorn sauce I’ve ever tried. Vincent said is steak was buttery soft and he really seemed to enjoy it! 


Now onto the best course…The Deserts. I genuinely am an expert when it comes to deserts with having worked in a Bakery. Therefore, I love trying deserts and basically finding the best ones. I went for the Salted Caramel Brownie and Vincent went for the Sticky Toffee Pucdding, personally two of my favourite ever deserts. Although we were complerey full after the previous two courses, there’s always room for desert. 

The Salted Caramel Brownie was reccomended to be my our lovely waitress and it didn’t dissapoint. The brownie was warm and super goey and the salted caramel sauce was seriously addictive! The sticky toffee pudding was super rich and moist and accompanied with the thick vanilla ice-cream it was absolutely amazing. Although we didn’t finish deserts due to being completely full, I’m writing this and serioulsy wishing I’d eaten it all because they really where something special. 

I really enjoted my evening at The Alchemist, it was a really lovely evening. The staff made us feel so welcomed and accomidated. They were so friendly and easy to talk to, and they reccomended some really nice dishes and cocktails that we ended up really enjoying! 




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    February 27, 2017

    Oh wow the food looks so deliciousCandice | Beauty Candy Loves

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