It goes without saying, that cake is one of life’s true treasures. There’s simply nothing like it! Especially when you can get the fine pleasures of a Belgian patisserie right in centre of Liverpool. I recently was invited to sample some cakes from Patisserie Valerie and of course, I wasn’t disappointed. Their cake selection in general, is completely outstanding, however. their new cakes are top of the bill.  I’m definitely no stranger to the cafe and constantly buy cakes as little presents for my loved ones when I’m feeling generous. 

On blue Monday, I gladly attended a little blogger coffee morning in the Liverpool branch, and it was the best start to my week. Obviously I was going to be happy with a cup of tea and a good old chin-wag, however, when cake is added into the mix, it takes it up a whole other level.  They do some take-away deals, 4 beautiful (and delicious) cakes for £10, so just a heads up if you’re wanting to treat anyone…. or yourself! 


Let’s just avert our eyes and wipe the drool from our chins and talk about one of the newest creations to come from Patisserie Valerie, The Madame Valerie slice! The cake is limited edition, so if it’s tantalising your taste-buds, you better get in there thick and fast! Admittedly, I’m not a huge chocolate cake fan, however, this cake is like nothing I’ve tried before. Th texture is so light, it completely walks all over all the stodgy, sickly chocolate cakes that I’ve tried before. As for the honeycomb cream that fills this little delight, just adds to the overall texture of the cake. I mean, you’d think just by looking at the masterpiece, that it’s going to be quite sickly and sweet, however, it’s really not. The creamy filling and the light chocolate sponge just work so well together, you’d never be able to have just one bite! 

This little taste of heaven was actually created by a customer (whoever that person is then, can we be friends because WOW you have excellent taste) it was created for the launch of their new campaign, which focuses on the brands heritage and history.  I think adding a new cake into the mixture (don’t hate my cake puns) is a perfect way to emphasise how far the company has come and all that they’ve achieved throughout the years. From a little Belgium patisserie to branches popping up here, there and everywhere! 

A slice of delight will cost you £3.95 and oh my goodness it’s so worth it. The cake is only available until April, so you best be slipping on your comfortable, forgiving clothes and stocking yourself up! 

If your mouth is drooling and your stomach is rumbling, I’m sorry, I guess however sometimes you’ve got to share some goodness into the world, and what better way to do that than with a little chat about cake, I mean I talk about cake pretty much 24/7 anyway. Sorry not sorry!





  • Lucy Alice
    January 27, 2017

    Everything looks so delicious – I've never been to patisserie valerie before, but a new one has opened up in my local town, so I must visit!Lucy | Forever September

  • Carlota Rules
    January 27, 2017

    Everything looks amazing, I wouldn´t know what to choose!Carlota | Carlotarules Blog

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