As a blogger, it’s a common occurrence to feel uninspired with your content and as though you’re getting trapped in the routine of doing it like everyone else. I mean, not that I’m saying that anything on Blush & Noise is particularly ground-breaking, however, I like to think that with whatever photo I take or post that I write, that there’s something remotely ‘me’ added into it.  

Sometimes when I’m feeling a little down about my content and feeling as though I’m letting the pressures get on top of me, I think it’s best to get your nose in a book and have a little hunt for some inspiration and some new ideas! I thought I’d share some of the books in which I find inspiration from, whether it be ideas for blog posts, or how to better my blog photography. I think it’s much more helpful to seek inspiration from books and films, rather than feeling the need to copy every blogger niche under the sun


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t keep in mind that each person is to their own. Books, images, and people that I personally find inspiring may be different to what you think is inspiring and helpful to you. Which is why I’ve included a bit of a variety. There is some books that are primarily fashion based, in which I find helpful when I’m in a bit of a fashion rut and start to fall into the cycle of wearing the same outfit every other day. I’ve also included some women that I find inspirational, for when I’m feeling particularly down about myself and need a bit of GIRL POWR in my life. Additionally, I’ve popped in a photography book, which I find super helpful when I’m wanting to try and grasp the 101 buttons on my camera, which after 4 years, I still don’t understand what they all do. So here we go!



I’ve had this book for quite a few years now, and although It’s not one that I’d read before bed or one that’s particularly poignant. I think it’s a good one to have if you’re particular interested in Parisian style. In which I very much am. Although with any fashion book, I do not take it word for word. If a book told me not to wear something that I loved wearing, I’d probably just laugh and wear the item ten times more. I like this book for its little style tips, especially when I’m having a complete freak out that I have nothing to wear and I always dress the same (we’ve all been there, right?) I wouldn’t really class this book within the ‘Fashion’ category, however, I do look to it for Fashion inspiration. The book primarily focuses on creating a Parisian lifestyle from love to cooking, it’s a really sweet book to look at for all sorts of reasons. 


This book was basically written by a blogger for a blogger and I really do find it SO helpful when it comes to creating interesting fashion imagery. Whether it be for Instagram or my blog, sometimes It’s nice to see a collection of images and attempt to interpret them in your own way. Although the book is about becoming ‘Insta-gold’ I see it more as a little ‘how-to’ in creating interesting and engaging ‘fast content’ (I hate that phrase) for your blog and Instagram, which can really be helpful when you’re once again, stuck feeling like your images aren’t good enough and you’re blending into the background. 



Alexa Chung has been a complete BABE in my eyes since I could probably open them. From the days way back when she was Alex Turner’s slice and the days when she presented 4 Music and I’d obsess over every outfit she wore. I think she’s simply beautiful. Although I’m never going to be Alexa Chung, I find ‘IT’ to be a good, easy read when I need cheering up a little. It’s a healthy reminder that every person walks upon similar paths. Throughout the book, Alexa talks about finding her own personal style, to dealing with breakups. It’s basically like a selection of blog posts sandwiched between a cover and a blurb. 


If you’re gonna talk about girl power, I think Lena Denham really put herself on the map when she opened up about pretty much EVERYTHING in her life with this book. I remember buying it and feeling as though I had a big sister who I didn’t even know, however her stories hit a chord with me and made all the embarrassing things that happen to me on a daily basis, feel a little less embarrassing. Although I’m sure Lena never wrote this book to be considered an inspiration or attempt to spark a generation, she’s simply sharing utterly hilarious stories from her adolescent leading into her adult life and starring on ‘Girls’. The book discusses SO many different subjects so whenever I’m wanting to forget about my troubles, this is what I reach for, I dare you to try and read it without laughing silently to yourself.



Although I did photography in my A-levels and study TV and Radio at university, not gonna like but I don’t have a f*cking clue what most camera terms mean, or I get them confused with one another. Always been that way and I don’t think any theory essay or lecture I attend is going to change that bout me, it goes in one ear and out the other. Which leads me on to why I’d reccomend this book. Although it discuses camera termonolgy, it’s not so overwhelming, it’s actually readable. You know, it doesn’t make your brain feel as though it’s completely frazzled. It also has some really beautiful imagry inside, which I do take a lot of inspiration from when I’m wanting to experiment a little bit. I mean, most of the time I have images in mind and an idea of how I want to photos to look, however having a handy book like this just makes it a little bit more easier to achieve it. Henry Carroll has also released a version of the book for taking photographs of people, which I really want to get my hands on. Mostly so I can give it to my boyfriend (who takes my outfit shots) so that I can hopefully look like Kate Moss instead of Shrek with a bit of highliter on. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, thought I’d try something a little bit different for a change! 

What books get you feeling inspired? 





  1. Candice Petersen
    January 30, 2017 / 10:05 AM

    I will definitely check out these booksCandice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Jessica Lily
    January 30, 2017 / 1:39 PM

    Alexa Chung It is one of my favourite books, will check out the others too they sounds fab as

  3. Lucy Alice
    January 30, 2017 / 6:52 PM

    I've meant to pick up IT by alexa chung for the longest time, it seems like such a good read!Lucy | Forever September

  4. Emma Fisken
    February 5, 2017 / 5:53 PM

    I love How to be Parisian and It, both great books xEmma | Reverie de Paris

  5. Angelyque Letelier
    March 3, 2017 / 10:45 AM

    I love these books – another one that I love right now to make me feel inspired and motivated is Get Your Sh*t Together and the life changing magic of not giving a f**k. Lovely post! XxAngelyque |

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