Sometimes the humble use of putting pen to paper can be undermined and not truly appreciated. Whether you’re writing down a snappy shopping list or you’re taking notes in a lecture, I find that there’s nothing quite like keeping a journal of your thoughts and actually writing things down rather than tapping away at a keyboard.  

You’re probably thinking that this post is a little odd, however I’ve set myself the challenge to try and go digital and attempt to use my laptop, phone or tablet in order to take notes on a day-to-day business as an alternative to littering my life and recycle bin with written paper notes.  I’ve taken on this task with IDBS in mind and I’ve given myself the challenge to see if I can go environmentally friendly and wave goodbye to my trusted notebook. 

When I think about it, I don’t actually use pen and paper that often.. or at least I like to think that I don’t. However spoiler alert, when I was actively thinking about it throughout my day-to-day life there was SO many times I reached for a pen and paper to jot something down, whether it be a reminder of something I need to do, or taking someones details in work. 

I think using technology to take notes and keep track of things whether it’s stats and figures for my blog or keeping on top of university work. Due to the fact that IDBS supply software systems in order to insure that companies, professionals can be more efficient and productive, it began to make me think whether reaching for a laptop rather than a pen would actually save me time. So here’s how it all went. 



Whilst at university, I find that I mostly use my laptop as I can take notes a lot quicker in comparison to attempting to write down a lecture word for word, bringing my laptop also means that I can follow along with the lecture and go back if I missed something!

However when it came to working in a group for our Radio shows (I do a TV & Radio degree, I don’t actually think I’ve ever mentioned that..) I found it easier to jot down notes and brain storm via pen and paper rather than tapping a way at my laptop and not fully participating within the discussion. 


When it comes to my job, once again it involves a lot of laptop work for a percentage of it. Scheduling social media and communications throughout emails is a vital part of my job, however once again, however when it comes to taking details of customers, It’s so much easier to hand them a pen and paper to jot their info down, rather than handing them a laptop, which I suppose can be a little intimidating! 


At home was probably the true decision of the experiment as work and university had been pretty much sat on the fence. When I’m at home, I do spend most of my time fixed in front of my laptop or computer, wither watching netflix, youtube or catching up on some university work. However I found that whenever I truly needed to organise myself, for example making to-do lists for my university deadlines, I found that writing it out and dotting it around my room was sort of a reminder to myself, and I could easily tick things of and have that small sense of achievement whilst doing so


Personally, I don’t think I could ever go paperless! I think there’s just something about jotting things down on paper that is truly nostalgic. With that in mind though, I do occasionally find it easier to whip out a laptop and muster up some quick notes, especially when I’m attempting to follow things in a lecture and what not.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it’s something a little different, however I do think we should live out lives being conscious about how we’re using paper and whether it’s actually necessary. 





  1. Erin Azmir
    December 12, 2016 / 8:38 AM

    I can't go paperless too. I tried downloading several apps on my laptop to help with note taking and to do lists but I just can't. I need me a pen and paper so I can jot down whatever I feel like. I feel even more satisfied writing via pen and paper. x

    • Abigail Whitehead
      December 12, 2016 / 9:31 PM

      I'm exactly the same! I never remember to check the apps to see what I need to do! However when writing stuff down, I have no choice but to look at it!

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