As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve recently changed up my hair. I’ve went from silvery white blonde hair to a champagne/honey blonde which was a long winded process of having quite a few hairdresser mishaps to say the least, however now I’m so much happier with my hair. The lovely BBlonde team sent me some toners to help keep my colour looking vibrant and fresh without having to take a trip to the salon. 

I find toners work wonders and the Bblonde toners are by far my favourites. They truly nourish and revive the hair, whereas a number of toners I’ve tried throughout the past have left my hair feeling a little dry, which results in me layering on the hair masks and hoping for the best. 

I find that a lot of toners can really dry the hair out and you’re left with hair as dry as hay and having to lather on a hair mask in order to resolve this issue. It basically results in you having to spend more time on achieving soft, nourished toned hair. The toner I used was the ‘Champagne Blonde’ toner which is a beautiful creamy blonde colour that isn’t too yellow toned. It’s the perfect mix of a honey blonde and a white blonde. 


The application method for the toner is one that I’ve never came across with a boxed toner and believe me, I’ve tried a fair few over the past year. However the result seems to be a lot more dramatic than any other box toners I’ve used. By dramatic I don’t mean crying in a corner dramatic, I mean that it’s just worked really well. 

Like any toner, you must apply it to washed, towel dried hair and massage the toner from the root to the tip of the hair, however once you’ve done all the usual steps, that’s when it gets quite different. Rather than just leaving your hair down whilst it develops. You pile it on top of your head and pop it into a plastic hood. Unfortunately, the plastic hood isn’t provided however I used a shower cap that I’d taken from a hotel shower (Yep, I’m that girl) and it worked just fine. 

You then apply heat with a hair dryer for around 5 minutes, this was the step that I was really surprised about, however I’m assuming this is why it worked so well in comparison to toners that I had used in the past.  You can leave the toner on for around 30 minutes, however I only left it to develop for around 15 minutes. After washing it off I simply dry my hair like I usually would. 


The Champagne Blonde Toner left my hair feeling refreshed and as though I’d had a visit to the salon however with the comfort of my own home. The Champagne Blonde toners added subtle blush tones to my hair so it had a warmed toned finish, which I find really flattering against my skin tone, as when my hair was white blonde I found that a lot of the time my complexion looked quite washed out. The blush tones warms my hair without having any unwanted brassy-ness which just really isn’t flattering when you’re going for a natural blonde finish! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It just comes to show that you really don’t have to splash the cash in a salon to get salon quality results. I’ve had so many compliments over the past few weeks about my hair colour and I’ve got BBlonde to thank for that! 




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