Although I talk about makeup as though I know absolutely everyone, in actual fact I’m a complete bambi on ice at times, occasionally I just have NO idea what I’m doing and that statement certainly implies when it comes to false eyelashes! I just cannot do them, they’re a mystery to me however after being contacted by the lovely falseeyelashes.co.uk I thought it was about time that I grew a pair (of eyelashes of course) and made a real effort to apply them and wear them on a night out. 

Although this sounds like a task that most girls do with complete ease, me however is a different story, but lets start off with the basics… 


One thing I’ve learnt over my years of false eyelash malfunctions is that you really need to select the right lashes, I don’t have the biggest eyelids in the world, therefore if I apply super thick and long lashes I immediately look as though I have no eyelids and when you’ve worked really hard on that blending, that’s not something that you want to happen. 

The thing I love about falseeyelashes.co.uk is that they have SO many lashes to choice from, they have over 1,000 different styles to choice from! I never knew they’re could be so many eyelash styles! The lashes I went for where the Red Cherry #217 and the Eylure Tecture N’150. Both pairs of lashes are very fluttery and are gradual in length. I think this really helps to create an elongated eye, which is definitely something I need! 


This week I celebrated my boyfriends 21st Birthday, therefore I thought it was only right to make an effort with my make-up. Yep that’s tight the lashes and the glitter where well and truly out! The make-up look is the same look I created a few blog posts back, so if you want to know all the details click here 

I used the Red Cherry lashes on this particular occasion and I must say I’m a little bit obsessed. My eyes are elongated and exaggerated however it’s not that obvious that I’m wearing lashes. They look amazingly fluttery however still within the realms of looking somewhat natural. For all the ladies out there who find it impossible to apply, I honestly found these lashes so easy to apply. I used the glue that came with the Eylure lashes, as the applicator applies the glue perfectly to the vein of the false lashes, you don’t have that issue where the glue gets everywhere and you want to give up and climb back into bed. 


Let’s just put into prospective that before I was contacted by falseeyelashes.co.uk I pretty much dreaded the thought of wearing false eyelashes. I constantly tried to make the work however I feel as though my local boots & superdrug just don’t stock the selection of eyelashes that work for m, however falseeyelashes.co.uk have such a brilliant selection it really wasn’t difficult to find lashes that I’d fall in love with.  I can now well and truly say that I’m aboard the false eyelash train, and I’m not getting off anytime soon! My experience with the site and the lashes that they sell has well and truly changed my mind on falsies. 




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