Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette

 Is it pathetic if I was to say that this palette has made my life somewhat complete? I genuinely feel as though I’ve found my palette soul mate, all thanks to this breath taking Violet Voss Holy Grail palette! The palette is a selection of the dreamiest colours that you could ever desire, from cool touted neutrals, to burnt oranges and even cranberry tones – This palette has pretty much ticked every possible box. 

This palette has been sold out on Beauty Bay for a good few months now, so the second I received the emailing informing me it was back in stock I was straight on to Beauty Bay and had purchased it within seconds! When it arrived the next day, I was completely over joyed with it! If you follow me on snapchat ‘Abigail-Sophia’ I unboxed it live on there, it involved a lot of gasping and squealing, the excitement was real to say the least! 


As you can probably already guess, my first impressions are pretty high! When you’ve been wanting something for so long, sometimes it can be a slight disappointment when you receive it as there’s so much hype built around it! However I knew from the second I laid eyes on this palette that it couldn’t possibly disappoint me! The eyeshadows are so versatile and of course pigmented, from the first few swatches I took of the palette that I had made a good decision in purchasing it! 

One of my favourite things about this palette is the shade and finish variation. There’s white shade that’s perfect for brow highlight, warm toned browns that work perfectly as transition colours, or simply as a wash of colour to the lid on minimal makeup days. Then there’s the metallic burnt oranges and shimmery cranberry shades that are just simply to die for! This palette is perfect for whatever eye makeup look you’re wanting to achieve whether it be for a special occasion or for general every day wear! 

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches


With 20 amazing shades to chose from, I thought I would share some of my favourite shades that I’ve been loving over the past week! Yep, I’ve pretty much used this palette every day since I’ve had it in my possession! I’ve really been into the burnt orange/red toned eyes over the past few months, therefore I’ve been instantly drawn to the lower fraction of the palette, which is pretty much burnt orange and cranberry eyeshadows galore! Here’s my favourites so far… 

Swatches from left to right… 

1. Teddy Bear 

‘Teddy Bear’ is a really simple yet beautiful cool toned deep brown. This shade almost has a slight purple tinge to it! I’ve been using this as a cut crease shade with the red/cranberry shades in the palette! It just works so perfectly and blends amazingly in the crease! This colour is a massive staple and no palette is really complete without a shade as versatile and easy to use as Teddy Bear is! 

2. Cranberry Splash 

How incredible is this shade! Seriously I’m in love! I feel as though this is the eyeshadow that I’ve been craving for the past few months! It’s truly completed my collection! I’ve been using this shade on the centre of my eye, and packing it on so that it’s super dramatic and metallic! This shade matches so well with Teddy Bear, they’re definitely the dream team of the palette! 

3. Wine N Dine 

I never in my life thought that I would wear a shade like this, however I am so impressed with just how versatile it is! I find colours that are so bold and ‘out there’ like Wine N Dine, can be quite difficult to work with! However I’ve been using this all over the lid and intensely blending it for the super 90’s grunge one washed out shade look, as well as using is in my eye socket as a cut crease with a bit of a difference! I’m so excited to experiment with this shade! 

4. On Fleek 

I feel as though if I was an eyeshadow this is the shade that I’d be, does anyone else ever feel like that, or is it just me? It’s a shimmery burnt orange that’s just so creamy and easy to wear! This shade is quite similar to Mac’s ‘Coppering’ which as you may know, is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows! So to have a shade so similar in a palette is perfect! 

5. Hashtag 

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the names of the shades in this palette, it’s like every possible social media slang word thrown into a palette, it’s as though it was created for bloggers! Well, unless you’re a complete grandma like me and still can’t get your head around slang words and internet abbreviations! Hashtag is such a bold shade, however adding a shade like this in with your everyday neutral brown eyes, just adds a little something special and different to an every day look! Simple changes like adding an orange into the mix can make such a huge difference! 

6. Transition 

I’ve been loving Transition as a transition shade, surprisingly! I don’t know if the shade is named that in relation to it actually being created as a transition shade, however I just feel as though that’s what it works best for! Transition shades basically made blending your eyeshadows a whole lot easier, and just finish them off perfectly! This shade just blends so well with the orange eyeshadows that I’ve currently been wearing all the time! A match made in heaven! 

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette


It’s no surprise that I completely love this palette, the title of this post definitely doesn’t give that away! When doing my research on this palette, I debated between this palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, as the palettes are somewhat similar in shades! I love the Violet Voss palette for the reason that It would be perfect for traveling, as you’ve got a brilliant selection of shades to chose from, another palette wouldn’t really be necessary! Despite me still wanting the ABH palette, I’m absolutely hooked on this palette and for the price (Β£35) I really cannot complain, as I’ve invested into 20 simply amazing eyeshadow shades all in the one palette! 





  • Nicole Merza
    August 9, 2016

    Lovely post. This palette is so beautiful! I've had my eyes on this as well. I need it in my life asap! Nicole | In The Life of NM

  • Emma Engmark
    August 9, 2016

    Beautiful palette! I love the Wine N Dine color. It's gorgeous.

  • Lucy Films
    August 14, 2016

    I need this palette in my life so much! Lucy | Forever September

  • The Gem Agenda
    September 10, 2016

    This literally does look perfect, the range of colours is so practical yet so pretty! Another one to add to the wish list!Gemma xThe Gem Agenda – A UK Lifestyle Blog

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