The PanAm is a restaurant and bar situated on the idyllic Liverpool Albert Docks, however now the PanAm has transformed itself into a dreamy brunch spot with the launch of their bottomless brunch menu! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try it out for myself to see what I thought and I’m happy to say my expectations where over achieved from the second I saw the famous views that the PanAm showcase!

Without a shadow of a doubt, this place can not have a better location, on the morning that we visited the sun was shining, the skies where blue and of course, the liver buildings stood tall and mighty towering above the Albert Dock and putting the cherry on top to such an amazing view! Anyways, enough about the location, let’s get into what I thought about the food..

The bottomless brunch menu consists of two courses, the first course is a pancake and waffle platter to share. We were given a platter full of fluffy American style pancakes and sweet waffles, accompanied by fresh berries, vanilla cream, syrup and blueberry jam – What more could you possibly want? I’m personally a massive waffle and pancake fan and constantly have a battle with my stomach and head when I have to decide between the two, so to be given the option of having both, was a dream come true! Both the pancakes and waffles tasted amazing, I loved how guests are given the option to pile on whatever topping the desire, I of course put all of them on at once because why not?

The brunch would be the perfect birthday/celebratory breakfast as it’s accompanied by unlimited Prosecco, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas so the drinks can continue to flow as you celebrate and see the afternoon in with some good food and unlimited booze! If you’re not a big drinker, tea and coffee is of course optional, as personally I like seeing in the day with a cup of tea, so it’s perfect for all of the family! 

The second course is a selective menu in which each individual member of your group can pick a meal of their choice! There’s a small yet varied menu to chose from! There’s chicken and waffles, steak and egg and even a veggie enchilada! I opted for the enchilada, as that was the only vegetarian option on the menu, although being a vegetarian results in not much choice in dish in certain establishments, the veggie enchilada I was happy to see on the menu, as there’s nothing I love more than a bit of Mexican cuisine! However I think adding an extra vegetarian option would be highly beneficial to the menu and will attracted more people with various dietary requirements! My boyfriend had the steak and eggs, which came with potato hash, he really enjoyed his meal and described the steak as being ‘on of the best’ so if you’re a meat lover surely you’re feeling intrigued by that comment! 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the PanAm and will now be singing it’s praises to anyone who’s planning a fancy brunch! With the PanAm celebrating their 15th Birthday this week, I can see a strong future for them with the launch of their bottomless brunch, because who doesn’t love a fancy brunch?

See you next week! 



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