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  1. I loved how honest you are with this post. I've also noticed that it's "okay" to speak more openly about anxiety and depression, as well as gay and lesbian marriage. And that's the amazing part! I don't suffer with anxiety myself, but I know so many people who have it, so I am constantly surrounded by that. Maybe I should do a blog post on "Living surrounded by anxiety"? Let me know if you would read that 🙂 But otherwise, your tips are great. Just take a break from the space you're in, breathe, then decide what is right for you. xxhtto://

  2. This such a nice, honest post! I can relate with everything you're saying so much. Hope you're feeling better lovely, and thank you for sharing

    • I'm glad you can relate to it! I personally find it hard to speak about my anxiety to people, so sometimes it's easier for me to write about it! xx

  3. I suffer with terrible anxiety and it rules my life on a daily basis (I hate it) – I've just downloaded Headspace under your recommendation because I think it'll really help!Lucy | Forever September

  4. Some wonderful tips – I suffer from anxiety too and I always find a walk and some fresh air to clear my mind really helps! :)Ambar | Her Little Loves

  5. This post is wonderful! You life is full of happy. I am so glad to find your blog. Use essay editing service free. You inspire me!

  6. I cannot thank you enough for this post – your honesty is so valuable and can help so many, yourself included! I know opening up about my mental health has helped me a lot; it peels away the mask that can cause an undue amount of anxiety in itself. I've basically had to put my life on hold, suspending university, because of mental illness and it SUCKS. It can also be incredibly isolating. It breaks my heart to know that others go through the horror of anxiety, but it is also comforting to hear other people talk of solutions and be open – if we support each other it can go a long way. Incidentally, i just did a post last week on my plan to manage anxiety on holiday, so love to hear/compare ideas from others – the more solutions we have the better! Ps: your photos are just beautiful :)Bumble and Be

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