Festivals can be scary, yet wonderful places! It’s like you’re in some sort of Alice & Wonderland set up for a few days, you see people dressed up as woodland animals, people looking like animals completely submerged in mud and people letting their hair down and enjoying some fun in the sun – Or rain, you can’t be too sure here in the UK! I’ve decided to create a little survival guide from my fails and triumphs in terms of festival going, some tips to make it enjoyable and some essential items to improve your festival experience!

Every festival is very different to the next one, different groups, different vibes and all that jazz however I think ‘surviving’ them all runs under the same context!  so here’s my 5 top tips for surviving a festival 


You may be thinking, why on earth would I do that? I don’t have a psychic bladder.. Well neither do I. however no doubt when you do actually need the toilet there will be a cue that stretches what seems like the radius of the festival. If you pass a toilet just go for the sake of it is what I’m getting at! There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the crowd and needing to pee, it’s practically torture! 


This is an item that I know at least someone will forget about, despite only being in a large field in the UK, the sun still exists and even if you don’t feel like the sun is on you, it probably is burning you as a little issue to deal with when you’ve sobered up! Take the photo below for example, we look practically red raw, we weren’t hot, our faces where genuinely as red as they look despite the flash! Last year at Glastonbury I forgot suncream and OH WOW was it hot. My skin started to peel and went all dry and painful and there was sod all I could do about it! If you do forget sun protection, then make our way to the first aid tent and they will be able to supply you with a little! 

Sorry Ellen for using this photo when we’re horrifically sunburnt.. 


If you’re going in a large group then this is a must! If the group splits up at any point to see different bands, or maybe a group goes to get food, arrange a place for people to go! This is handy if people lose their way, as there’s always that one person who disappears for a few hours and they’ve got their phone switched off! This is just so handy to have a place to go to when you turn round and realise that you’re on your own and need a place to go to that’s out of the way to wait for your friends to find you – It’s like an easy game of hide-and-seek really! 


Having a good old wonder round is probably one of the best things you can do at a festival, especially of an evening when there’s more obscure things happening! At festivals like Glastonbury, it’s like a whole new world when the sun goes down, there’s little gaps between trees that have strange villages within them with obscure folk bands and the weird and wonderful! Wondering around of a day time can also open your eyes (or ears) to new types of music and artists that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise! 


Just think of what all that alcohol, fast food and late nights must do to your body – My body personally doesn’t cope well with all of this, I feel sluggish and ill at the end of it! Therefore eating fruit is an essential, this is something I make an effort to go and find of a morning, usually festivals have little farmers market stalls or fruit stalls where you can purchase produce that is a little bit better for you and that your body will 100% appreciate! If you see some fruit please eat it! 

I hope you enjoyed this little festival survival post! Please remember to be safe at festivals and enjoy yourself! I’m at Glastonbury next week which I’m super excited for! 

See you on Wednesday. 



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