It’s that time again where I talk about the music I’ve been loving recently! There’s nothing better than a little playlist refresh when you’re coming into the warmer months – Or if you’re from the UK, the Spring and Summer usually consist of a few weeks of sun and then constant rain thorough the rest of the Summer…SUCH FUN! Anyways, I’ve switched up my playlist the past few weeks and started to inject ‘that Summer sound’ into my ears! So, what have I been listening to?


Metronomy are a band that I always become obsessed with every Spring/Summer, especially their album ‘English Rivera’ as it just emulates those ‘Summer vibes.’ I wouldn’t think that my Summer would feel complete without listening to this song at least once a day, it makes me want to dance with a cocktail in my hand wearing a funky patterned shirt and some circular sunnies – But really I’m sat in  my PJ’s at home with my nose in a book about contemporary TV drama’s for uni…. YAWN! If you haven’t heard this song before then go listen to it, go and listen to the whole album in that case and if you have, listening to it again on repeat and wish the rain away! 


This entire album is once again an album that I come back to almost every Summer! This album came out when I was 14 (can you believe with album is 6 years old?) and I remember being completely obsessed with it when it came out and It was like the only album that I had on my iPod shuffle – Yes I was the proud owner of an iPod shuffle, even though half the kids now have iPhones and iPods with screens! Whenever I hear The Suburbs I quite literally have to sing it, It really does bring back a lot of memories of when I was younger and thought I was #soindie – I cringe saying that but that’s the truth of what I strived to be as a young teen and this album is the true epitome of that! 


This song is the perfect Summer evening song, or when you’re traveling in the car on a warm evening! It’s so chilled and it’s been added to the majority of my Spotify playlists! I love the soul sound of Bobby Womback and this song in particular has hints of hip-hop within it, so even though the song isn’t ‘current’ it still has that sort of current sound mixed with some classic soul guitar and all that jazz! This album is only from 2012, however I think music has changed a lot since then! I’ve just really been loving this type of chilled sound recently! 


This song is MY JAM not going to lie! First of all let’s just talk about the music video for this, it’s directed by the amazing Gia Coppola, whom I absolutely love! Secondly let’s talk about how male vocalist of the band Dev Hynes dances in this – That’s literally how I envision myself to dance in my kitchen, even though I probably don’t look that smooth, I probably look like I’m having a seizure but you know, you can’t have it all! Blood Orange are a mix between really soulful ‘jazzy’ songs and upbeat and funky songs, I apologies that I’m really bad a describing things however have a little nose through their albums on spotify and you will se what I mean! 

So, that concludes my little post on some songs I’ve been loving the past few weeks! I can’t wait for Summer to properly kick in so I can listen to all my upbeat playlists and drink Pimms in the garden – It really is the simple things! 

What songs have you been loving recently? 




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