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  1. I haven't tried any of the Gerrard Cosmetics ones, keeping meaning to grab some when I do my orders. I'm desperate to try Colourpop, why didn't I think of Amazon?? Going there now!! I love Lolita and Lovestruck, I don't have any light KVD shades but them two are definitely on my list now. Such beaut shades xxTamz |

  2. I have the NYX one too but in a different shade and they are AMAZING, smells good too! Gonna have to check out the Colourpop and Kat Von D one. But I've heard that getting your hand on Lolita is quite hard!

  3. What a stunning collection! I love the NYX ones, I haven't tried any from Gerard Cosmetics, though I think they are next on my list haha :)xxx Claire

  4. I love Colourpop's Beeper! It is a bit drying but I find if I build up thin layers, letting each dry fully, it stays put through absolutely every and anything!DippyWrites

  5. I loved this roundup! Gerard Cosmetics has definitely been on my radar, and I don't think I've seen a bad review yet. My favorite are the KVD liquid lipsticks as they are the most comfortable on the lips. Second are the Stila ones as those seriously stay on all day without budging around. I'm keen to try the Dose of Colors and Jeffree Star ones as those seem to be pretty great, long lasting, and highly pigmented! Cindy |

  6. I'm not a massive fan of the NYX creams if I'm honest! I prefer the Liquid Sued. have you tried them? The formula is great! I've heard so much about the Kat Von D lippies, they sound

  7. Such a great round up of all the different types as you say it can be overwhelming! I've tried the Kat von d and NYX and I love them both. I have the ultra matte satin lipsticks from Colourpop and they are less drying and more hydrating so they might be a good option for you! Lucy |

  8. I love this blog post! I've been wanting to try all of these lipsticks for ages now, really need to get my hands on them! x

  9. I recently picked up a few of the NYX lip creams and glosses and I've been loving them! They are so inexpensive too!Shellie Skillen

  10. I always love to see people talk about the Colourpop Ultra Mattes, but it's a shame you don't love them as much as I do! They're one of my favourite liquid lip formulas!brooke | brooke elise

  11. i'd love to get myself some kat von d liquid lipsticks, finally need to place a sephora order.โฅ

  12. I am liquid lipstick obsessed lately. I have recently got two Gerard Cosmetics ones and I am really impressed.Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  13. I also love natural nudey pink shades. I've definitely collected more than I need too XD I've heard some questionable things about Gerard cosmetics in the past but your review makes me want to give them a try!Mili

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