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 Spring is here ladies and gents! I thought I would share a few products that I’ve been using to shake up my beauty regime for the Spring/Summer as it’s always nice to just have a little bit of fun and play with a few colours and some new hairstyles for the warmer months!

Personally, I don’t shake it up too much, I’m a girl who likes what she likes! Despite me being terribly stubborn, there are a few products that I recently realised that I start reaching for more during the Spring time, some of these products you would have seen peppered through my blog before, however if I think something is worth the hassle, it’s going to get it! So, let;s get into it shall we? 

spring beauty -



Adding colour is such a simple yet effective shake-up! I usually do something super crazy like paint my nails or wear a brighter lip shade (I know, I’m wild..) It’s just simple colour additions that can really make a difference to how you feel about yourself! 

The nail varnish is from Nails Inc and it’s in the shade Porchester Square I really love Nails Inc shades and their gel formulas are something that I really love, it’s almost like having shellac nails, however it doesn’t take a tedious amount of time to get them off, and it’s a fraction of the price! This shade is really pretty as it’s super subtle it’s a mauve grey with hints of lilac throughout it, sounds really odd but I can ensure you that it’s super pretty! 

To add a little colour to the face, I’ve gone for a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm this colour has been featured in one of my monthly favourites, I really adore this colour! It’s really similar to Mac’s Spice lip liner, in the sense that it’s a pink-brown with a terracotta undertone, it’s generally a really fun colour that just adds a pop of colour, especially if you’re like me and go for nudes and neutrals! 


During the winter I feel as though I can get away with a matte complexion, however during the Spring/Summer I want my skin to appear a little brighter and clearer! Which is hard if you’re like me and just generally have really problematic skin that reacts to every possible stressful situation in my life! 

To conceal yet brighten, I will forever use my Nars Radiant Concealer I’ve loved this stuff for so long and I feel as though no other concealer really compares! I use this under my eyes and just on any dark and lifeless skin areas, just to lift and lighten that area and make me feel a little bit more confident about the appearance of my skin! When I’m not feeling like wearing too much makeup, I just use this to even my skin tone a little, I personally don’t have the confidence to bare the natural look all of the time, so I like that I can use this as my little confidence boost! 

Now, to clear the skin of any imperfections! I’ve heard SO much about this product, however I’ve never purchased it to see the effects for myself! it’s the La Roche-Posay Efficlar Duo! Recently I’ve been feeling as though my pores have been looking really big and not clear, despite me using a whole array of pore-unclogging face masks! Since I’ve started using this, I’ve found that I haven’t really had that issue to much, so once again it’s a product that allows me to feel a little bit more confident and not paranoid that everyones going to stare into the deep dark depths of my pores! 


I’m not gonna lie, I’m the type of gal that just hopes for the best with her hair and sort of tries hard with it but never really pulls it off, basically I’m just a fail at hair #Abifail seriously though! Recently I’ve cut my hair super short, and I’m feeling as though I have my mums hair in the 90’s a super choppy long bob that looks like a fluffy triangle when I try to curl it, this isn’t an exaggeration either, the struggle is real ladies! 

With short hair, I think it’s important to have a bit of volume, however I don’t like backcombing my hair, it just doesn’t work for me as my hair is super thick so it weighs it down and I’m just left with my hair looking like a birds nest! I’ve been using the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finishing Spray for the past few months now and I’ve been loving it, I simply spray it into the roots of my hair and shake it all in and it looks like I’ve done something great with my hair but really, I didn’t! 

Salt Spray constantly makes an appearance during the Spring and Summer, I love the stuff! I think especially considering I’m now a short haired lady, I need to channel those effortless beachy vibes! I use this Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray I pretty much just spray this into the ends of my hair and have a bit of a play and try and achieve a beachy effortless look! I think sea salt sprays are really good if you’re wanting to just add a bit of a texture to your hair! 

I hope you enjoyed this little beauty shake up, what products have you been shaking up recently? 

See you on Sunday! 




  • Carlota Rules
    March 23, 2016

    I love that Nails Inc polish! Carlotarules Blog

  • Erin Tisdale
    March 23, 2016

    Bumble & Bumble spray is a life saver!

  • Carmen Varner
    March 23, 2016

    I love a good sea salt spray. It seriously transforms my hair. :]// ▲ ▲

  • Emma Engmark
    March 25, 2016

    Such a gorgeous nail colors. Looks interesting.The NYX is one of my favorites too.

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