Today is something very special for you all! I was kindly sent these amazing Zandra Rhodes bags from her latest collection, and I thought what better way to share how amazing they are, than with a blog post about them? As New Years Eve is vastly approaching, I thought I’d take some time off of the Christmas talk and get in my New Years frame of mind. 

When it comes to party dressing, I always find that I forget to think about the accessories, so then I later find myself wearing an outfit that I love and an old handbag that I’ve worn a million times, It inevitably makes you feel less special, it’s nice to have items to put away especially for special occasions when you want to feel like you’ve really made an effort! These bags are perfect for that, the two bags that I selected from the collection where the Georgina 01 Purple and the Francesca in black! I absolutely adore the design of these hand bags, they’re so unique and beautifully crafted, however they’re really versatile and wearable. The velvet purple and black are absolutely perfect for this time of year, especially considering that my wardrobe is 90% black,white and grey, the purple Georgina bag goes with so many of my evening dresses, it just adds a very subtle pop of colour and makes any outfit look much more individual. 


The Georgina bag is the perfect size for a night out, it’s a box clutch with a clasp, I always feel so much more at ease with these types of bags, in comparison to when I wear envelope clutches on an evening out. I feel as though everything in my bag is safe, the box style clutch is extremely sturdy, so you’re things won’t be smashed about when you’re partying! The bag is the perfect size for me when I’m out in bars and whatnot, It’s not too big where you’re rooting around for ages trying to find your phone, however it’s not too small to the point you can’t carry around your evening essentials. I can perfect fit my purse, phone, lipstick, keys and a compact mirror into the big with ease, everything has it’s own little place and for someone who is completely OCD, this is heaven to me! 

The dark plum colour of the bag is beautiful, it’s a really soft velvet, the only thing I’d be terrified of was spilling a drink on it! I love how the bag isn’t completely velvet, the middle of the clutch is a slightly more vibrant purple lizard skin effect with a soft gold trim. I love golden hard-wear on evening bags, as the majority of my evening rings and necklaces are gold, so the bag meshes perfectly with items that I already own! I love how this bag can be worn two ways, it seems this feature is relevant with most of the evening bags from her latest collection, you can keep the chain tucked into the handbag and wear it like your standard clutch bag, or you can wear the golden chain and either wear it across your body or just as a simple shoulder bag, it’s always a great feature to have the option that suits you! I think the bag is just so elegant and desirable, however I’ve already planned it with so many of my outfits, usually with more luxurious items, I’m almost terrified to wear then, however I literally cannot wait for my events and parties to come up so I can wear this bad boy! 




Now onto a bag which is every mermaid lovers dream come true, the Francesca in black! I first fell in love with this bag, back at the Zandra Rhodes launch at Boudoir Boutique in Liverpool, It’s honestly so beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, It’s a sea shell! Who doesn’t want to have a sea shell handbag? I absolutely adore velvet, as you can probably tell considering both of the bags that I chose are velvet. About 80% of my clothing during the winter is velvet, I think it’s such a consistent trend during every winter season, which is when I usually make more of an effort of an evening and try to make myself feel special and elegant – Or at least try to.. 

This bag is noticeably bigger in size, this is the perfect type of bag if you’re at a family meal and want to take your camera, some makeup to ouch up, your phone and your purse. I love evening bags that are big enough to carry my Fujifilm Instax mini, I love taking little polaroid pictures on it during the festive season, so the fact that I can bring it out of an evening with me is music to my ears! 

Once again the bag has that almost rose gold hardware. Similarly to the Georgina bag, the chain can actually be fully removed from this bag rather than tucked in, the bag is a chain tassel at the rear of it so that you can either hold it by the tassel or use the chain to make it a shoulder bag! This bag is an all rounder for me, I constantly want to be more adventurous and fun with my evening wear, however I still think it’s smart to stick to what I know and like. This bag has solved all my problems, as I know if I don’t feel as though my outfit is dressy enough or even evening appropriate, this bag will rid me of any of those doubts. I love that is can be a statement bag and really pull an outfit together, however at the same time it’s really subtle and elegant. Massive round of applause to Zandra Rhodes for creating my dream bag! Now I can feel like I’m a mermaid no matter where I go! 


I hope you enjoyed this weeks worth of blogmas posts! I also hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my NYE Guide, there’s going to be some outfit posts for NYE including these bags, so you can see how I would style them to give you further inspiration! 

See you on Tuesday!





  1. Charlotte Dickson
    December 13, 2015 / 9:33 PM

    Lovely post! I especially love the Georgina bag – the berry coloured velvet is just all kinds of gorgeous. Cute phone case too 🙂 xCharlotte's Road

  2. Jess
    December 14, 2015 / 3:36 AM

    I love love that plum colour of that bag – totally agree that it would be perfect for NYE! xJess | It's That Time For…

    • Abigail Whitehead
      December 23, 2015 / 10:37 AM

      Thank you Jess!

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