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  1. I loved reading this post! I also started my blog more seriously, and that started with changing my blog name. Can't wait to read more posts from you!New follower!xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Lovely post and great to see your sticking in with your blog and I love the re-vamp! I always find blogging was the best thing I done with my life and learn something new everyday πŸ™‚ it just gives you that place to let your thoughts flow and produce something your interested in xxJenny | Krystel Couture β™₯

    • Thank you Jenny! Yes I agree, it's nice to have a place for your own creative outlet, no matter what it may be!

  3. "the people who don't support what you do aren't worth your time" totally agree with that! Non of my friends are supporting what I do so I just stopped asking them what they think about my blog, I just try to do my best to improve it. Your blog looks great and the name is also nice. Hope you're feeling better now

    • It's so true! People who dismiss what you're doing are more likely jealous, maybe they've wanted to do something similar but never have the confidence? Life is honestly too short to waste time on wishing and wanting when you can be doing and achieving! Love your blog, I think the blogging community can make up for people who are unsupportive at times!

  4. It's great to hear that you're going full force with your blog, I think only good things can come from it. I'm an anxiety sufferer myself and when I started my blog I shared a lot of the same worries. Actually to this day a lot of people in my 'real life' don't know I even have a blog! I think I've come to the point though where no matter who finds out I'm not really bothered by it, if I let what other people think stop me from doing something I want to do I think it's probably all downhill from there…

  5. I think a blog revamp is a great way to get back into blogging. It always inspires me to put more effort into my blog. I really like your new design, it's beautiful Abigail. I really like your new name,

  6. Love the phone case! but yeah I'm in the same boat to be honest! Trying my hardest and hoping i can increase everything but again with everything else with life it can be hard to get the balance! xFormal dress up fun over BLOGLOVIN

  7. As someone who has been lucky enough to just discover your blog – I am in love, it's so gorgeous and I'm so excited to keep updated with you! I can totally relate to what you said about sometimes questioning if it's pointless amongst so many other ones and people laughing, I still struggle with that, so it was lovely to hear you say that it doesn't matter – just do it!Raashi

  8. I think your blog is really great! πŸ™‚ <3 I love the content, but also the layout – it looks super neat and professional. πŸ™‚ <3 Keep up the fantastic work!Kay

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