1. You will gradually begin to not care about what you look like. I started out my first year really pulling myself together and making myself look presentable and approachable to other students and lectures. By the end of the year I was wearing jeans that I had wore for at-least 3 days and a T-shirt that I couldn’t be bothered ironing, simply because I couldn’t hack the early morning. 

2. Don’t rely on your lectures to feed you all the possible information and important features of your assignments. University is A LOT different than A-levels, first year was almost a bit of a shock as there was inevitably points where I literally had no idea what I was doing, yet I was far to shy to simply ask what the hell was going on. My only advice is take notes, but not too many notes to the point were you forget the meaning of them. Jot down key words, phrases or names of people and research them further at home and then fill in the gaps to your notes. Or just look at the lecture on Blackboard the day later cause you basically pay £9.000 a year for lectures to make really hideous and tedious powerpoints, only for them to put the online anyway.. 

3. No matter where I am or what school, college and now university I go to, there is always going to be a handful of people that I will quite simply want to aggressively head butt. I will say no more on this matter other than be prepared for it. Not everyone has been brought up like I have, being encouraged to get a job at 16 and work to pay my way through life and have my own responsibilities. Life isn’t like that for a percentage of students who have had financially stable parents to pay them through life, or you just get those people who are like “Why isn’t there an international mans day?” and you will want to head butt them. 

4. Don’t be too shy to talk to people. This is something that I am SO SO SO guilty of and I think this is one of the things that tarnished my first year of uni. I didn’t properly talk to the people that I thought where interesting and had similar tastes as I did. I simply kept myself to myself (apart from when I’d had too much sugar or when the general election was occurring.) I just can’t stress enough that most people are in the same boat as you and are completely on their own, please don’t be like me and decide to fade into the background. 

5. Your assignment feedback will not help you improve yourself in the slightest. The majority of my assignment feedback was literally a sentence. After spending weeks on writing an assignment the last thing you want to read is a sentence basically saying “it was alright like” or “it was good keep it up” WHAT WAS GOOD HOW CAN I IMPROVE? I will literally never know. 




  • Celine
    September 16, 2015

    sounds like a freshman survival guide 🙂

  • endy smith
    July 7, 2016

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