I am one of the victims of notoriously tired eyes. No matter how much sleep I have I always feel as though my eyes look haggard and sunken when I’m getting ready for the day – Which isn’t a pleasant look. I’ve found that these few simple steps and versatile products have helped me to hack this morning issue. 

I start off with my eyelids, this will obviously depend on what type of eyeshadows you have access to, or even what colours suit your eye colour. I usually stick to my guns with the Naked palette. I start off by taking the second to lightest shade (sin) and putting that allover my eyelid – I don’t take this into my crease, I simply apply it to the middle of the lid, this colour has a slight shimmer to it,which reduces to look of tired, darkened eyes. I then take a bit of Naked and just blend that into my crease to polish up it up and add a bit of shadow, as I do have slightly hooded eyes so this just helps to create a bit of depth and shape to my eyes. Lastly I dab a touch of the lightest shade Virgin into the inner corner of my eyes, which really helps to open the eyes and make them appear more awake, I then add a touch to my brow bone as a highlight. 

Next it’s time for the concealer (I am aware I do my make-up in a strange order, however it’s beneficial to conceal after applying eyeshadow to get rid of any loose powder or mistakes) The Nars Creamy Radiant concealer is genuinely my saving grace of a morning, it’s basically a magic potion to add on at least 3 more hours of sleep. I apply this under my eyes in a sort of crescent moon shape and blend it in with a beauty blender and viola, you look magically awake and your dark circles have vanished. 

You can’t begin the day without a coat of mascara, it’s uniform. There’s a lot of mascaras that I find really help to open your eyes and give your lashes length and curl. My recent favourite has been the YSL Babydoll mascara, the mascara first caught my eye after it claimed to give 60’s inspired twiggy curled lashes – and that is does. Mascaras that add curl really help to open your eyes and make them look bigger, wider and more awake. I would stay away from voluming mascaras, as you don’t want to make your eyelash look overly dark and heavy, after all you are trying to make yourself look more awake. 



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