After much deliberation, I have decided to say goodbye to Abigail Bunny. I’ve felt as though the past 2 years of my blog have always been half hearted. I’ve never fully been happy with the whole idea of Abigail Bunny, I gradually found the name more and more childish as time went on and began to lack enthusiasm towards my blog and its content.

In order to turn a new page and feel excited and replenished in terms of blogging, I have decided to change the blog design as well as the name. It’s time to say goodbye to Abigail Bunny and hello to Blush and Noise. You’re probably thinking why blush and Noise? However I’ve tried to make the name as relevant to the blog content as possible. My blog has previously consisted of beauty and fashion as well as a mix of music and general life opinions and experiences. Blush implies beauty and Noise will cater for the more lifestyle/music posts. 

I feel as though considering i’m 20 in a couple of months, I should start fresh, with a more mature looking blog, along with a new name. I hope this decision is respected – Hello, again. 


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