The Devil Makes Three are a notably an acoustic trio, however that doesn’t camouflage their punk-rock influence. The band have essentially taken Country-Rock and made it their own. They’ve put an effortlessly modern essence to everything that the genre was formally known as. The acoustic trio formed in Santa Cruz,CA and  self released their debut album back in 2002 and then a few years later their album was reissued after they signed with Milan Records in 2009.

If you’re intrigued by the smouldering faces of The Devil Makes Three and you want to listen to their punk/folk vibes with your own ears, then you can click here  to go and listen to their single ‘I’m A Stranger Here’ and if you’re feeling overwhelmed with those fan-girl (or boy) feelings, then you can click here to buy their single and satisfy your ear drums whenever you please. 

Ones to Watch, Skype and The Devil Makes Three have joined forces to allow people like you to get closer to the band, allowing their dedicated fans to get closer and learn the ins and outs of The Devil Makes Three, as well as welcoming new fans with open tattoo littered arms.  To take a look at their Ones To Watch page click here. ‘Ones To Watch’ has given fans the opportunity to interact with their favourite upcoming bands and learn more about what inspires their music. Abigail bunny readers have been given the chance to exclusively watch the stripped back one-shot acoustic version of ‘Hand Back Down’ – Watch here 

If all of this just isn’t enough for you, then you  can add ‘OnesToWatch’ to your Skype contact list and get FREE exclusive content from The Devil Makes Three and get even more involved with any upcoming interviews and even have your questions answered by the band themselves! 

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