BLOGMAS – Day 7 & 8 – Bombay Bicycle Club & Filming Shenanigans

Bet you all thought that I’d failed Blogmas didn’t you, however I refuse to fail for once in my life. The past few days have been insanely hectic and frustrating to the point where I could have ripped all the hair from my scalp and it would have been the least of my worries. I thought I would just mentally catch up with my life by writing a little post on what’s been happening the past few days (I’m also feeling unmotivated,uncreative and frail)

 On Saturday I worked at the Liverpool Winter Arts Market, which was absolutely crazy. My hands are torn to pieces and stained from the amount of coffee I made. My hands have aged about 20 years in the space of the 10 and a half hours that I worked that day. Despite all that I did enjoy it – Weirdly. I feel a lot more settled within myself since finding a job that I actually enjoy doing and actually liking the people that I work with is an added bonus. I’ve worked with some right punchable characters in the past few years.

On Sunday I packed up my overnight bag and went to see Bombay Bicycle Club and Peace in Manchester. I’d not seen either of them before, even though I’d been listening to them for some time now, it’s always nice to see a band that you’ve been meaning to see for a few years. My favourite things about gigs is that you can just get drunk (responsibly…) and dance and no-one cares as it’s all in good spirits. It was also nice to catch up with one of my close friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and just have a laugh really, can’t put it in any other way can I?

Today, (Monday) was one of the most frustrating days of my life. I was filming a short Drama piece for one of my university projects, and once again my streak of bad luck didn’t fail me. The last time I filmed a project for University the person that I had arranged to interview didn’t show up (cough bitch cough) and this time it decided to hail stone, basically Liverpool turned into the antarctic for the duration of my filming just because why not ruin Abbie’s project? Despite all that I got the job done, with gritted teeth of course. It’s so hard to keep a positive mind frame when everything that you’ve tediously planned, doesn’t work out.  I always find in situations like this that things aren’t always as bad as they initially seem, but you know, at the time you do want to rip your own face off, but that’s just not practical or humane really.


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